Monday, August 3, 2015

San Diego Summer Adventure Day ONE

Our family vacation aka (Macy's 10th Birthday Trip) was to San Diego this year.
I'd spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest and different blogs to find some fun things to do, and of course, what places to eat.  You know how food on trips is a top priority in my book!

 Up first was Rita's ice custard and italian ice.
This was a refreshing treat!  Zach had pineapple italian ice and vanilla custard while Macy had mint chip with vanilla custard.
 After our refreshing treat, we headed to PetCo Park for a stadium tour where the San Diego Padres play baseball.
It also happened to be the weekend of the ComicCon Convention.
San Diego goes all out for that, let me tell you.
 While  PetCo park is a newer stadium, it was fascinating to hear the rich history of the downtown area, how they picked the location, the way they incorporated the metal building and rooftop into their plans, the tribute to the missions in the column design style, their nautical color choices to reflect their location and their commitment to making the downtown area a revitalized place.
In case you missed it, we are Dodger fans through and through...but when it comes down to it we really are just major fans of baseball.  Any chance you ever have to take a tour of a stadium, regardless if it's your team or not you should do it. There is awesome history and backstories that are super cool.

 One of the big highlights was visiting the press box.
I'm certain that this is truly Steve's dream job.
He's such a stats, numbers, play info kinda guy that he would really have been suited well for a job in baseball.

 See! Doesn't he look like a natural!?!
This kid too. Kills me.
He loves stats and player info just about as much as his daddy.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

 The Visitor's side walk to the dugout.
 On the Visitor's Side dugout.
 While we were there, they were setting up for the MTV Fandom Awards.
These guys with a serious accent asked Steve to take their picture, and then said, 
"Hope you enjoyed us...."
I spent the next 2 hours googling boy bands to see if we had just met someone famous and didn't know it.  I had no luck.  If you happen to know these dudes and I've been living in a cave obviously...let me know who they are!  They also could have totally punked us and made us think they were famous.  Sneaky mc-sneakers.

 These two get really quiet in moments like these.
I like to think it's because they are picturing themselves on the field...
Field of Dreams
 Love this man.
He is seriously a baseball nut.

 Selfies on "near" the field with Z.  You are NOT allowed to touch the grass.

 Visitor's Locker Room

 Visitor's Bathroom.
Yes, I took a picture.
Nobody was actually USING it.

 After our tour, just a few blocks away was...
you guessed it....

I love what this picture says, "The most important documents a free society gives are a birth certificate, a passport, and a library card."

This is life-size chess.
 Their Children's Reading Center.
They were pretty packed with kids and parents who were busy making capes and masks for the upcoming ComicCon events.
 I of course had to go on a trek to find my favorite book!
Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.
The book then had to have its own personal photo shoot around the library.
We're weird.  I know.
It really embarrasses Steve and the kids when I make them do this.
Guess what, I don't care!

 Our dinner plans were preplanned as I had made a comprehensive list of places that I wanted to eat and the must try items from the menu.  
Soda & Swine
Not only was the ambience right up my ally, the decor near perfect, but the food was on point as well.
We had the dirty fries
the bovine, the banh-mi, and the swine.
Steve and I had sliders and the kids shared the spaghetti and skillet macaroni.

We spent the rest of the evening gearing up for Day two and the kids were delighted to get to spend some time in the hotel pool.
Day one for the WIN!

i am and i am a list maker. true dat.

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