Monday, August 3, 2015

San Diego Summer Adventure Day THREE

Day Three.

We visited the San Diego Zoo.
We arrived just after they opened so it was relatively quiet and the animals were being fed so they were pretty active.  We made a bee line for the Pandas, because...well....Pandas!

 And then this happened.
Steve convinced me to go on the Gondola Ride.
Remember how I LOVE roller coasters?
I really do.
They are fast, I can't stare at the ground...and it's over before you know it.
I also happen to be really afraid of heights.
Like even bunkbeds, rooftops, glass elevators...
but GONDOLAS?....
Slow ride where you can see down the whole time, no seat belts, feels like a ski lift chair and those make me break out in an instant rash too.
I just don't usually "choose" these things.
However, when Hottie McHotpants begs you to do it with those blue eyes and those smokin' calves you involuntarily say yes.
 I might have just maybe had to relax my death grip on the pole for the picture...but I am having a rash on my neck already in this picture...and I'm going backwards. This was a BAD idea.

 We made it in time for the Elephant bath time.
That was so much fun to watch.
Elephants are so stinkin' smart.

 After our long day at the zoo, we had to make another purposeful food stop to Lucha Libre.
This little random taco shop is worth seeking out for its fun atmosphere and bomb food.
 Don't let this picture fool you.
First, this doesn't show how busy this place is. 
The line was out the door and we waited about 15 minutes just to place our order.
Also, that's Zachary in the picture.
I know.
He totally looks like a fighter... you couldn't even tell it was him, right?
 I ordered a shrimp taco.
 Steve ordered the 
Surfin' California - Grilled Steak, Shrimp, Fresh French Fries, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, Cheese, & Super Secret Chipotle Sauce... as Featured on Man Vs. Food
 Our next stop before a mandatory nap time was 

Mission San Diego de Alcalá

 After the mandatory nap, we traveled out to Santee to the drive in movie 
theatre for the opening night of Minions.
It was a really fun experience!  I wish we had a drive in movie theatre closer to home!

 We ordered pizza for dinner from the snack bar.
Nothing fancy and exciting.
Disappointing, I know.

The "group" next  to us made a real event of the night.
The story goes like this: 
I was trying to read.
There was nothing going on except a bunch of waiting around for darkness to arrive.
No previews. Black screen.  Reading time. Public place. My fault for wanting to read.

Approximately 5 families joined together for the opening night of Minions in Santee.
Super fun.
Wish my friends were with us.
One "funny" mother decided to load up her young son of about the age of 9 with a Winco bulk bag size of sugar.  You think I'm joking.  
I'm not. 
 I've never heard the shrieks and shrills come from a boy like that. 
Truly... like you get a visceral reaction in your body from that kind of noise.
Equate it to nails on chalkboard.
Cat bath.
Oh, I dunno...maybe DEATH?
Still not joking.
The families were gathered with their Costco bluetooth speakers, Chick fil a dinners, glow in the dark sticks. 
(That shrieking 9 year old boy continued).
Nobody said anything.
Not even his mama.
Listen, I'm a teacher.  I'm a decently patient person when it come to kids.  I'm known to offer a lot of grace. I'm also a librarian and quiet and I are really good friends. I'm also known to lay it down when you have crossed the line with me.
Now don't start scolding me about "public place Joni"..."get a grip Joni, kid was just having fun"..."you're at a movie Joni and you're reading a book"
I know all those things.
But the shrieks.
Something in a teacher's body just can't put up with that schi-tuff.
I was looking for the nearest place to offer that mother a time-out solution when
oh, no....she just offered him more sugar treats when the Star Wars rough light saber play turned into some possessed growl.
See, I can't make this stuff up.
I was staring at this point.
Like gawking staring and trying to figure out if there was any possible way we could move our car to another row....another theatre...another zip code?

My kids were stone cold silent watching in sheer shock.
We actually started laughing because it was such a sight to behold.
And let me tell you I'd uh been a holding' his ear for a good talking to if he were my kid.
So we laughed.
Maybe a little louder than we should have.
I may have plugged my ears a little and then I got super distracted when the car next to me had a vomiting young woman retching just feet from me.
Hmmmm..... shrieking kid on the right, retching woman on the left.
Are all drive in movie theaters like this?

So, I put my book down, eavesdropped like a ninja and rolled with the punches.
Moment's later a parent from the shrieking kid camp presented my kids with Minion goggles to celebrate the movie.
Eh, maybe they aren't so bad.

 Hottie over here can tune such things out and finds my utter irritation during these situations highly entertaining and laughable.  I can't help it if I'm auditorily triggered.
Finally the darkness arrived and the shrieking stopped.
I'm willing to bet he didn't even watch the whole movie because he was in a sugar coma.
I would bet good money.

i amand sometimes kid noises "shriek" me out.

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