Monday, August 3, 2015

San Diego Summer Adventure Day TWO

This might come as a shocker, but we DID NOT attend ComicCon for a second day in a row.
I'm pretty sure most people would consider it sacrilege to be in San Diego and not visit ComicCon, but what can I say, we are rebels.

This summer the kids have been participating in our local library's summer reading program.
One of the very generous prizes were children's tickets to Lego Land!
Day two was focused on making the most of Lego Land.

Our morning started by visiting the rides.
Technic was first.
My kids aren't big roller coaster fans...tummy tickles are not their friend.
I was almost certain we were leaving at that point because they didn't trust any rides from that point.
It took some serious negotiating to get them to try other rides, and they finally did and really enjoyed themselves.  See, listen to your mother.  She knows best. ;)

 Please take notice of his Elvis lip.  He tried so hard.
 I think this is supposed to make me feel jealous, but when given an opportunity to kiss the Queen, I'm pretty sure you should take it.
 We really thought the creativity in Mini Land was cool.
Hence the many photos taken here.

 Right when we got to Lego Land we enrolled the kids in the robotics class.  It was truly the highlight of our adventure there.  The kids (Steve included) loved this opportunity to use their critical thinking skills to maneuver different challenges.  It was well worth it.

This face made me realize she knew I was taking her picture.
Such a ham.

We finished off the night at The Compass gastropub.
I had a Latitude 33=Vanilla Porter and Steve had the Belching Beaver.
 Zach was much more interested in building his new lego set than eating 
and Macy needed a nap, can you tell??

i amand i like roller coasters more than anyone else in my family.

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