Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Camps 2015

As soon as we made it home from San Diego I had scheduled for both of the kids to attend camps in town.  What I didn't anticipate (true story here) was how much time it would afford me of quiet reading moments, coffee, and super efficient errrands.
And now I will award myself ten genius points.

Zach headed to Fresno State Baseball Camp.

Macy was just a short drive away at The Artist In Me

Conveniently located next door to the art studio was a lovely little French Bakery that I enjoyed sitting at each day reading my books.

Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:

Day Four:
 I ran errands and missed out on my French Macaroon, so I took Macy out to eat for lunch at the Phoenician Mediterranean Grill.
We started off with the 

Baba Ghannouj: smoked eggplant with garlic and lemon with sesame cream
We also ordered the Vegetarian Plate
An assortment of stuffed grape leaves, falafel, hummus, burgul pilaf, and tabouleh salad. Served with pita bread.
 For dessert we tried something I have never had before and it was amazing!
It reminds me a lot of flan in the consistency but it's super refreshing and easily shared!

A delicious homemade Lebanese breaded pudding. made with half & half and whipping cream, topped in rosewater syrup and pistachios.
Day Five:

Zach was all finished with his camp but Macy still had a day left, so we had a date at the library!
 And a late breakfast at another bakery in town.

We rounded out the week with a nice date night.
The heatwave was in full effect and the melting happened again.
It was hard to enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting when you are sticking to a bench.
Gazebo Gardens had become one of our favorite places to visit.
We love the food truck options and the beer garden.
We hit up Dusty Buns Bistro again.

 From Meltdown Bistro we enjoyed a watermelon iced tea and
"dessert"- a nutella, banana, marshmellow toasted concoction sure to put you in a sugar coma in 10 seconds flat.
We scarfed it down.

I am and I kinda had a perfect week despite the heat.  Books, Macaroons, Food trucks, and Mr. Hotpants. See. Perfect.

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