Monday, August 3, 2015

The Forest of Fun

Our July Camping Adventure was a much needed time away.
We were met with cloudy skies, some thunderstorms, and a beautiful setting to spend some time with our "fr-amily"
It was a Lloyd-Jones-Ferg adventure.

Campfires are not permitted because of our dry forest conditions, but you can get a permit for a gas burning stove.  This is a gas burning fire pit.
 The kids made some awesome tree forts.  Complete with extra "r's" in the forest for extra fun!

 The kids went of viking rides and picked wildflowers.

 One of my favorite reasons to camp and get away is watch this guy relax, read, sleep in, and recharge.  He is such a hard worker and quietly enjoys a good sports book every now and then.
 Waiting patiently to go target shooting.

 We had to put together a quick scavenger hunt.
They remembered it from last year, but I didn't come as prepared with candy for the winners.
Bragging rights had to be enough.
 Boys vs. girls.
We had to employ our neighbors help as well.
So glad to have friends camping nearby!

 The scavenger hunt was so much fun, they wanted more.
Someone suggested a video scavenger hunt.

 Complete with a little leap frog action.
 Singing of the song from Frozen.
(Look at Luke and Zach cracking up in the background....toooooo funny!)

 Casen is an early reader! He knows already that camping and reading are like best friends.
 The girls ready for another Viking ride.
The best decision we made after camping was spending an hour or so at the laundromat and washing everything at once.
I think we are getting this camping thing down.
i amand i think camping is so much work, but so worth the memories.

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