Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seattle Day FOUR

Our last day in Seattle and we had a few things left to do on our wish lists.
I wanted a do-over from Biscuit Bi+ch, so Steve walked there to bring breakfast back to our condo, only to find out that they didn't open until 8:30 am. 
Instead, he made his way back to Macrina and brought back some new delicacies to discover.
 This is a dill scone filled with cream cheese.
It's like having a bagel, but with a biscuit consistency.
This is a Morning Glory muffin. Filled with pineapples, carrots, apples, coconuts, walnuts, and raisins.

And this is a sure-fire reorder.
Get this if you go to Macrina Bakery.
This is a Bacon Bialy Sandwich.
A brioche Bialy with grilled onions, poppy seed, goat cheese, eggs, bacon, fresh basil, tomatoes, and mustard in the middle.
 After breakfast, we packed up our things to say goodbye to our condo.

We left Belltown and headed for a little drive.

We ended up at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.
This is intense.
There is a lot to see, smell, taste here.

 After doing our own tour of the facilities we were seated and ordered from their exclusive menu.


 Zach ordered the Vanilla Creme.

Macy ordered an orange-piloncillo syrup flavored decaf latte. 
She did not like it.

I ordered the Smoked Butterscotch Latte.
It was rich.

Steve ordered the Cold Brew with Fior Di Latte.
He thought it was just "okay."

Macy didn't like her drink, so our nice barista 
offered to make her a replacement.

Next, we drove out of the city about 10 minutes to a nearby beach area called Alki.

 I call this series of prints:
Squints McGee.

It was lunchtime, and Steve knew better than to mess
with my lunch schedule two days in a row.
However, I didn't have anything on my list that was in the area, 
Steve did a quick Yelp lookup, and we found this renowned Pizza Place:
Proletariat Pizza.

My favorite part of the visit was this:
Steve had to visit the bathroom at which time I noticed the sign...
upon his return I instructed him to stop and strike the below pose.
*Insert 12 year old laughing here*
We laugh a lot.
I think I'll keep him.

Airport was next.
Time to go home.
We gave ourselves plenty of time to return the rental car, easiest drop off system EVER.

This guy was adamant to lose his top tooth.

 After returning back to our gate after grabbing a quick bite to eat before boarding I hear the following that is a blur in my memory except that someone knew my last name:
A swirl of thoughts flood me....thinking the airline has been looking for us and we missed our flight?
This lady looks eerily familiar.
I know this lady.
This lady knows me.
It's my friend, Connie.
I miss Connie.
She moved this last year and I miss her and her darling kiddos.
AND then!.... another kiddo from our town.
It was crazy!
And see that in the background?
That's the Fresno State Tennis Team.
This was one of the coolest flights home.

And once we were were home?
The tooth came out!
At least the Tooth Fairy will know where to find us.

I am and I think traveling with my family is tops.

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