Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seattle Day ONE

Visiting Seattle has long been a "bucket-list" item for me.  
After visiting family one year in Vancouver and falling in love with Granville Island, everyone encouraged me to visit Seattle.  

Steve found a great deal on tickets and we decided on yet another VRBO find for our accommodations and our Seattle trip was quickly planned, but the kids didn't know about it yet.

Days before we were ready to leave I frantically packed in secret trying to keep the family vacation secret.  

The kids weren't even suspicious when I told them they HAD to have a slumber party together on the couch the night before we left. (This mom did NOT want to make beds the morning of departure.)

We left the house at nearly 4am to get to the airport by telling the kids that dad's car wouldn't start so we had to drive him to work.  
Until we pulled into the airport parking and Zach said, "Ummmmmmm WHAT are we doing HERE?!?!?!"

They were giddy.
The frantic packing and secretiveness was TOTALLY worth their reactions.

The flight from Fresno was almost perfect.
There was this one part where right after we were given our snacks
and while the sleeping mother in front of us caught up on her zzzz's,
her sweet son was pelting me with his discards.
After the next cranraisin went down my shirt,
I woke her up and handed the snacks back to her.  
He stopped after that.

The best part was that we caught a tailwind and landed nearly 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  We rented a car and sped right into our fully packed schedule that screamed EVERYTHING tourist.

We were a little early for our first tour, so we stopped a little cafe called the Cherry Street Coffee House.  
The atmosphere was great, but the coffee and treats were just "okay." 
Steve's latte had a burned bean taste, and my chai was really "light."  
Steve and I both ordered a dessert bar, raspberry for him and lemon for me.  
They were really dense.
Okay, really...lemon bars shouldn't be dense like this.

Our next stop is on your HAVE TO list if you visit Seattle.
We grabbed our tickets for Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.
Our tour guide was Janell and she was a riot.
She was full of great information and made it really fun for the adults and kids.
Seattle's history is quirky and full or character, and our guide was too in her crazy mismatched sparkly outfit and winning personality.
We learned an awful lot about Seattle's poopy problems.....
The crapper, tide times, big Seattle fire, skid row...Yesler....if these things don't mean anything to you then you HAVE to take the tour OR read up on the history of Seattle and Pioneer Square.

 One of the neatest things to see were the glass skylights built to let the light into the underground that have since turned purple.  Many are still in tact while some have been covered up with cement.

Macy kept exclaiming throughout the tour how awesome our tour guide was.
Truly, Janell made it such a memorable experience.

Our next stop was Safeco Field.
After having been on a dynamically led tour,
I would venture to say this was the POLAR OPPOSITE.
While there was a lot to see, 
it wasn't nearly as informative as our San Diego Padres tour.
However, our tour guide did a great job explaining to us what the word RESTRICTED means.

 We spent quite a bit of time in the visitor's locker room.
They were getting ready to recarpet, but they did let us sit on the fancy new couches.
Macy was practicing her tough baseball face.

  They put out these special grow lights (pictured behind us) to help the grass grow in the stadium.
 The visitor's dug out.

 The Mariner's dugout.
 Future reporter.

We were pretty hungry for lunch at this point 
so we headed to The Wandering Goose for some good eats.
This is a Southern influenced cafe with only about 25-30 seats inside.
The tables and benches are cleverly decorated and "burned" with quotable quotes.
It's nestled in the North Capitol Hill neighborhood.
They have rooftop beehives and sell their own honey!

Biscuits are a big thing in Seattle apparently.
They are on many restaurant menus.
And, truly....they are BIG!

Macy ordered THE BIG TROUBLE: peanut butter banana and honey.
It was pretty much dessert.
 I ordered AUNT ANNIE'S: fried chicken, bread and butter pickles, house mustard, and Heather's honey. Let's just say it was out of control.
I would never in a million years add honey to a sandwich like this, but let me tell you it's what makes it.  What a delightful surprise.
 Steve ordered THE EASY. Egg, cheese, and Benton's bacon.
Zachary had the PIMENTO MAC & CHEESE and we ordered a side of collard greens.

And then it started to rain.
Since we had been up since 3am,
it was time to head to our condo and unpack.

 We booked our condo with again.
I'm a big fan of doing it this way.
We end up with a washer and dryer so we don't have to pack much.
Our condo reminded me a lot of our apartment in New York.
Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals was a great company to use.
One of their representatives met us at the condo and gave us a great tutorial of the place.
I highly recommend staying here.

We had every intention of going out that night, but found that we were all really tired.
Instead, we used one of my favorite vacation apps called
You can search your local area for delivery food options.
I picked Indian food from Naanz Kitchen + Bar.
Then, it gets delivered.
It's like magic.

I am and I was not Sleepless in Seattle.

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