Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seattle Day THREE

Today rained.
Pretty much all day.
Reason #132 I couldn't actually live in Seattle:
I would be 400 pounds from eating so many biscuit based meals.

Reason #133 I couldn't actually live in Seattle:
Driving in the rain here seems different somehow.
Different more scary somehow.
Lots of mist, lot of trucks with lots of mist making it hard to see.
So glad Steve did all the driving here.
There is all this crazy parallel parking and the copious amounts of mist from tires.
It really is something.

This morning we walked (possibly in the wrong direction...because we were seriously only one block away from a closer one to our condo...but it was worth walking off those biscuit calories)
We dined at the ever-so-classy:
Biscuit Bi+ch.
Macy was mortified.
They were not allowed to order from the menu.
Steven and I giggled the whole time we were there ordering too.
We're twelve.

 Steve ordered his customary iced latte. 
Coolest ice cubes ever.  
They were like their own little personal coffee cups.

Zachary and Steven shared the BI+CHWICH SANDWICH
Macy and I shared the NUTTY BI+CH.
Again, dessert.
NEXT TIME: I am ordering what I WANT.
I watched one get delivered to the table near us.
Cream cheese, grilled onions PEOPLE.
Over biscuits and gravy with Louisiana Hot Links.
It made my inner bi+ch of jealousy come out.
I had true order remorse.
The decision is MINE next time.
Next time bi+ches.
See my face?
That's the .... "damn, I didn't get what I wanted" face.
That's my bi+ch face but I'm trying to smile face.
This place really changes you.
I did have a lovely Seattle Fog Tea with orange zest.

Next, we walked in the rain to the Space Needle.
This is a great space.
I'm sure you could spend an entire day here between the Cihuly Garden of Glass, the Space Needle, the Music Center, the Seattle Center...the list goes on.  
There's lots to do in them there hills.  
Since we had already done the view from the ferris wheel, we didn't feel the need to spend the money to go up to the Needle.
We walked around just long enough to get our socks and our shoes wet and decided to walk back to the condo.

After a quick stop at the condo, we grabbed the car and decided the rest of our adventures for the day should be in the driven transportation form.
Steve said he wasn't hungry for lunch.
I still had a list of places that I wanted to try, so I convinced him to stop for ice cream on our way to Kerry Park.

We stopped at a chain ice cream store known to Seattle called Molly Moon's
I had to know if there was any connection to 
the book series about Molly Moon by Georgia Byng.
Two different kinds of dogs.
No connection.
Oh well.
I bought a shirt that smells like waffle cones.

Zachary had SCOUT MINT.

We had some fun drawing on their chalkboard and watching the guy there make waffle cones.

Steve still didn't want lunch.
Who is this man I'm married to??
So we went to Kerry Park to see what is referred to as
one of the best views of the city, and it's free!
Parking wasn't bad because there was hardly anyone there.
I can imagine on a weekend or clear day it's probably hard to park.
Also, the neighborhood parking is WHACK!
Driving goes in both directions but they are really only one lane in size. I think I hold my breath when Steve drives down the streets looking for a place to park.
Reason #178 I could not live in Seattle:
My car would be scratched up from head to toe.

Now here is where I feel duped.
Steve still wasn't hungry.
It was well past lunch time.
He planned for us to go on the Boeing airplane tour later that afternoon.
I'm ready to eat.
Let's be honest, when am I not?!
We show up at the Boeing tour facility and low and behold, 
the tour starts at 2:30, 
and Z isn't tall enough to go on the hour and a half tour.  
We are talking shy of about 2 inches.
So Z and I have to stay behind while Steve and Macy tour.
Which sounds fine.
But I'm hungry.
Nearing the verge of "hangry."
Z asks for lunch.
I tell him no.
I assure him that whatever we are doing next to eat will far
surpass the junk at the Paper Airplane Cafe.
I promise.
So we settle for coffee and a Peach Boba tea.
And mama reads some more.

Math is not my strong suit.
Words are my friends.
Do the math.
We haven't had lunch.
Ice cream, but not lunch.
If a tour starts at 2:30 and runs for an hour and a half
what time do you eat lunch?
Holy hot-cakes.
I'm hungry hippos over here people.

Guess who isn't.
*enter eye-rolling, sarcasm, you have officially gypped me one Seattleish-food tasting experience and now I'm all sorts of bi+chy*

I'm sensing a trend here.
We arrive back at the condo around 5pm and it's DINNERTIME.
There was no lunching on Day 3.
Hottie McHotpants owes me a day 3 lunch do-over.
Don't think for one second I will let him forget.

Dinner was pretty amazing though.
One of the coolest experiences we have had in the food department.
If you ever have a chance to have a Moroccan Food Experience.
We ate at Marrakesh.
Do it.
The kids loved it.
Mostly because you get to eat with your hands and sit on the floor.
Here's how it goes.

They welcome you to a table near the ground.
You sit on couch-like cushions and blankets.

*enter head talk here: who has to clean all these linens...I know people spill...try not to think about the sheer amount of cooties that haven't been washed*

A man dressed in fancy clothes comes to greet us.
Macy asked, "Are those clothes worn in Morocco?"
He laughs.
"Oh no! We would never dress like this!"
Steve and I look at each other puzzled.

After taking our order, he comes back to the table and hands us towels.
They are like bath towels.
He brings a big bowl to hold your hands over and he rinses your hands with warm water from a kettle and you dry them on your
bath towel.
This is a five course dinner.

First we start with lentil soup.
Holy batman, I missed lunch for this.
This is good.
I could eat lots of lentil soup.

Next is the salad with homemade cornbread.
Not the kind of cornbread you eat with chili.
This cornbread is light and fluffy, sweet, and addicting.
He comes over with a giant "community" style basket teeming with
this "crack-bread"....
You use the bread to help sop up your eggplant and cucumber salad.
All sorts of yum.
Next, you get a warm glass of mint honey tea.
This could be dessert and you would be full and happy already 
because you didn't eat lunch so you gorged yourself on 12 pieces of bread.
Honestly though, it felt like it.

Up next is the B'Stilla Royale.
A puff pastry with either chicken or vegetarian filling.
It is topped with powdered sugar and spices.
Sounds weird.
It was actually pretty good.
I wouldn't order it again on purpose.
It's not something I would ever crave, 
but it was fun to try.
The waiter hooked us up with one of each 
because he thought Macy was a vegetarian 
based on her aversion to all meat related suggestions.

We each ordered our own entree.
Macy had Breka Vegetarian, Zach had Beef Brochette, Steve had Brochette Marrakesh (lamb) and I had Tagine of Chicken Lemon and Olives.

We were pretty stuffed at this point, but our waiter comes back with a rose water rinse and shakes it all over your hands and makes you wash again.
He pours from very high heights more mint honey tea 
(and he spills a lot on the table) 
I'm tempted to start cleaning it up.  
He presents us with dessert which is a 
milk pudding topped with toasted coconut.

I was full.
Moral of the story today:
It will all be okay.

I am and I think the tea was highly caffeinated because we all slept like crud, or the missing lunch thing made our bodies revolt.

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  1. Oh My!!! That restaurant looks exactly like Morocco. We stopped for mint tea and a snack in a place just like that in Agadir, Morocco!! Love it and I would go there when we visit Seattle for sure. Brings back incredible memories...Thanks Joni!!! ~Bonnie