Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seattle Day TWO

Our Seattle morning coffee was such a relaxing time with some beautiful city views from our condo.
I love this pic of my handsome hubby.  
He is so relaxed, sipping on his coffee, enjoying the cozy robe...
...and then there's me.
 A picture really is worth 1,000 words, right?
Z was up early to play his favorite 
new basketball shooting game.
...and we let sleeping beauty drool a little longer.

We happened to just be renting right about one of Seattle's top bakeries.  Macrina Bakery is definitley worth every calorie in which you indulge.  We picked out a few different ones to sample and shared with each other.
The HAM & CHEESE BRIOCHE was a delicious savory choice.  Zach would have easily eaten the entire thing given the opportunity.
We all agreed this was a family favorite.
We also opted for an APPLE TURNOVER that tasted suspiciously like the best darn apple pie you've ever eaten in your life, EVER.
Steve, who is an iced coffee aficionado 
had to have a second cup of coffee.  
We took a gander at the bakers as we walked by.  Quite an operation as they deliver to many restaurants in the area because they are featured on many menus!
Our next stop was one of our primary reasons 
for wanting to visit Seattle.
Pike Place.
Need I say more?
Oh, I will.
Because as evidenced by the photo below I practically ran there dragging my family behind me in anticipation of eye candy.
Pike Place is a highly "use all your senses" experience.
I could have walked around all day just taking pictures and eating.

Nestled right at the end of the block as you begin to enter Pike Place.
It would be easy to get distracted right here because, well...
However, I was too giddy to stop for very long.
I wanted to pole vault my way across the street and start cartwheeling into Pike Place.

Please enjoy this Verizon ring back tone 
while your party is reached.
Or something more along the lines of...
Please enjoy the picture onslaught
while Joni relives this glorious moment....

After we walked the market a few times and it started to get busier with people, we decided to stop for an early lunch at Beecher's.

We ordered one of each specialty macaroni.
My favorite was the MARIACHI'S because it was chock full of onions, peppers, cauliflower, and corn.

While we ate, we watched through a giant viewing window while they prepared the fresh cheese.
We decided to walk some more to work off 
some of that CHEEEEESE.

Then we stopped here, and Steve gave me crap for getting more food.
Here's something you need to know about me.
I love food.
Read my other blog posts.
Dare 'ya.
(Steve, maybe you need to re-read for a travel-with-Joni-eat-food refresher course so you NEVER say something so silly ever again.)

Here's a common theme you will find:
I like to try food trucks, new foods, and will force encourage my family to drive many miles or walk many steps often way out of our way JUST to try a food I've heard-read-dreamed about.
Point in case.
I pinned it on Pinterest.
Someone said "have to try..."
That's basically like double-dog-daring me.
So take that Steven Lloyd.
We are stopping.
So glad we did because the CABBAGE & ONION was eaten later when the kids and I were whining that we were hungry and the CHERRY VANILLA made for an awesome pre-breakfast pep talk.

So, if you are reading this and you are at Pike Place, 
you MUST stop and eat here.
I double-dog-dare-you.

Steve really wanted to visit the first Starbucks.
We learned a very important Google lesson.
Just because it shows "a" Starbucks near Pike Place, it doesn't mean it is "the" first one.
There are many, many, many a Starbucks near the 
Pike Place....many....many....many.
This is not it.
It does have a great view of the market, however.

Next, we ventured down to Post Alley.

From Post Alley you can see the ferris wheel.
You can imagine the hysterics that come with seeing a ferris wheel that overlooks the water and downtown.  
I am not a fan of heights.
I can't explain it.
I love roller coasters.
I hate slow moving/non moving things that are high in the air and the whole looking down part just doesn't do it for me.

Please notice Macy's sweatshirt.
This is part of the reason we bought the photo.
That's funny business.
When you wear a green sweatshirt and you stand in front of a green-screen for a photo-op, these things happen.
So, I sucked it up and went on the glass-enclosed, slow moving in a you can see the view thing. 
For my kids. 
We were supposed to go three times.
We went four.
Somebody is a fibber-pants.
And then these crazies kept switching spots 
while the wheel was moving.
I died a little inside.

The views really were beautiful. 
I like the looking "out" and beyond part.

Up next, was so serious walking to another one of my MUST DO THINGS on a family trip.
Visit the public library.
You're pretty.

And, of course, I had to find my favorite book.
It took some looking, but I finally found it as an audio book.
My library research skills are on point, even on vacation.

We tend to make ourselves right at home in the library.
We spent about an hour here, and it was just the quiet and recharge that we needed.

This guy.

We walked back towards Pike Place to locate the true 
For those of you wondering, It the one with the ginormous line to get in.
It has the old logo out front and crazy already caffeinated people teeming to get in for their next fix.

We stopped and had some fun along the way.

Yes, this is an antique market.
I did not buy a single-solitary thing.
Somebody take my temperature.
There was a giant sign in there saying, "WE SHIP ANYWHERE"
Steve told me it was a giant lie.
In all honesty, it wasn't my kind of antiques.
They were fancy-pants antiques.
Fun to look at though.

I looked everywhere for a cool mug to bring home from Seattle.
Can you believe that out of everywhere we went, I just couldn't find "the" one?
I came home empty handed.
This guy was pretty close to coming home with me.

Our final destination for the evening was dinner.
Yes, we made room in our hollow legs.
Pricey for sure, but the view and food made it worth it.
Our waiter was very knowledgeable, friendly, and offered to have the
shuttle take us back to the condo.
We happily said yes!

To wrap up the evening, the kids used their daily spending money to purchase swim suits at the local target so they could swim in the hot tub/pool at the complex.
This is always such a big hit for them.
Often, they would rather stay to swim instead of go out and explore.
Macy is a fish at heart.
She and the water are best friends.
Zach loves her, so he does what she wants 90% of the time.

And mommy got to read.
We are all happy travelers.

i am and it blows my mind too that I came home from the coffee capital of the world without a new mug.  I need a do-over.

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