Friday, March 25, 2016


Growing up my aunt and uncle always threw a great Easter Party.
I have some pretty fantastic memories of hanging out with my cousins and many
of their family friends.
It was something I looked forward to every year.

For the last couple of years we have been getting together as "fr-amlies"
to celebrate Easter together, early.
I hope as these kids grow they too look forward to getting together each year.

The past few years have been extremely warm, but this year the RAIN decided to grace us.
Believe me, I'm not complaining about the rain. 
At. All.
Gimme all the rain you got.
In fact, I feel super lucky because it dumped rain for a few hours before the party started
and then miraculously stopped just as people were arriving.

The perfect timing allowed us to play outside and have our annual Easter Egg Hunt.
It's so fun to watch these kiddos grow and change from year to year.

Because the outside was still so wet, I said "goodbye" to all aspirations of being Donna Reed, 
threw a quilt on the ground and let the kids eat on Christmas plates.
I know.
You're all asking, Who is this new Joni?
The amazing thing is...NOBODY CARED.
It honestly made me a little twitchy.
I mean come on, Ugly Sweater Christmas Santas Plates with all the fun spring colors?
It hurt my eyes.
BUT, I went with it, drank a little wine and simmered down.

Getting ready to play games.
I'm probably laying down some serious rules.

We have a great time hiding the eggs.
Sometimes we hide them so good even we can't remember where we hid them.
I found two more today.

Here's the crew.
I love them.

 Some really tall person put an egg here.
It was obviously NOT me.
 Trying to get creative to get the egg down can often backfire on you.

The rain came back towards the end of the evening so we played some games inside.
Steve found this fun game called "Alien Bunny."
Everyone gets a different colored pen and get 10 seconds to draw something on the bunny.
They all turned out so funny.
The kids wanted to do some more and started making up their own rules.
Funny how that works.

I amand I think the mess of this party is totally worth the smiles and memories.

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