Saturday, March 12, 2016

Literally, lemons.

Date: FEBRUARY 13, 2016
Time: approximately 7:00 pm
Location: Friend's House
Event: Valentine's Celebration Dinner with some friends
Synopsis: During Valentine Dinner with some friends, Hottie McHotpants surprises
me with a birthday/valentine surprise to travel to Waco, Texas with some girlfriends.
Huge Fixer Upper fans over here. Chip and Jo-Jo, we don't have grandiose plans that we will actually get to meet you and become best friends forever, but we wouldn't balk at the opportunity either.
Other important details:  I schedule a sub, take two personal days from work, and collectively my girlfriends and I make plans for a total of 9 children between us to have childcare/extra curriculars taken care of.

Date: MARCH 10, 2016
Time: approximately 1:30 pm
Location: Airport, sitting on an airplane
Event: God's sovereignty
Synopsis: Our flight is originally delayed 45 minutes.
Other important details: words from the captain: "Sorry for the delay, what we thought was a 'minor' engine problem looks to be a 'major' engine problem.  We are checking to see how 'major' it is."
Minutes roll by. 
We are reading, chatting, watching movies already, praying. 
Captain gets on the intercom again, "Looks like a 'major' engine problem, we are determining how long it will take to fix."  More minutes roll by, more anxiety is swelling in our minds.  Captain: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to deboard the plane now, it is scheduled for a 7:00 flight so we are officially cancelling this flight.  Please make your way to the ticketing agents for reschedule help."  
We make our way to the ginormous line formed at the ticket desk, and fan ourselves because apparently the airport didn't want to turn on the air that day and we battled Florida-like airport humidity while we tried to figure out flights to Dallas or Austin.  We decide on what we think is a pretty good plan, and when it's our turn at the ticket desk the following story unfolds:

We initiate a carrier change to fly United to Denver to Dallas.
Ticket agent walks to United desk to ask.
Full flight. 
He offers two flight options:
The next day at 5:55 am to Phoenix to Dallas.
We contemplate for a few moments.
We agree.
He tries to book the flight, suddenly full.
He offers the next flight the next day after 12pm which puts us in Dallas around 5pm.

We contemplate and decide it's not worth it.
It would only allow us one full day in Waco since pretty much everything closes down on Sundays.
We feel the tugging that we are not meant to go.
We decline.

We make our way to some open seating to reassess our situation, and cancel hotels and car rentals.
This is not how I thought I would spend my day off.
Surprisingly, the car cancellation is really easy and even MORE surprisingly, Priceline refunds the hotel and Priceline NEVER refunds.  We are feeling very at peace over this decision and everything is falling into place.
Just a different kind of falling into place.

We remember this little tidbit as we muse over the peace we are all feeling: WE MADE PLANS FOR A TOTAL OF 9 CHILDREN BETWEEN US TO HAVE CHILDCARE/EXTRA CURRICULARS TAKEN CARE OF.  
Let me repeat...9 CHILDREN BETWEEN US.

We aren't going home just yet.
As we sit there in the airport discussing our options,
this darling little lady walks up and asks us if we would
like any lemons, because she can't fit anymore into her luggage.
Did you catch that?

The irony was NOT lost on me, so we decided, lemonade it was.
We walked back to the car, loaded up, and drove to get our nails done. 
OMG Nail Spa=Lemonade

H & A have an aunt with a place to stay on the coast, so we decided to go pick up the key and head there! First, dinner was on our minds so we drove into downtown San Luis Obispo laughing all the way.  We couldn't resist any joke about our current situation versus Waco and our dashed hopes of visiting Magnolia Market, the Silos, and Baylor University.  And come on, you know that we would have had some serious eats including some brisket.  We settled on a restaurant called Granada Bistro adjacent to the Granada Hotel.  This is a farm-to-table kind of restaurant with an extensive cheese and wine selection.  

We ordered the following:  Carmelized Brussel Sprouts, Avocado & Beet Salad, Brick Chicken, and Strip Steak. This could totally be a dish we would have ordered in Waco, right? #1606.5milesFROMwaco
San Luis Obispo is H & A's old stomping grounds.  They went to school at Cal Poly and Pizza Solo was H's first place of employment.  Aw, memory lane.

Tired and ready for bed, we drove to our destination for sleeping and upon entering, the girls realized that there was already someone staying there.  
I thought they were joking.
No really.
I thought this was a funny ha-ha joke.
Not so much.
Quickly we reloaded the car and prayed for a quick hotel accommodation.
Lighthouse Suites= Lemon Merengue Pie.

 Palm Trees in California are just like Pecan Trees in Waco, right?
Having my morning coffee in Shell Beach would be just like having coffee at Dichotomy in Waco, Texas, right?

Little Free Library by the Check-In is just like the Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor in Waco, Texas, right? No, I didn't find A Bad Case of the Stripes book here. Bummer.

The Lighthouse Suites adirondack sitting area is just like the Garden of Contentment at the Baylor library in Waco, Texas, right?

We visited super-store Dick's to pick up some birthday presents.
Visiting a Dick's in California is just like visiting Riverbend Park in Waco, Texas, right?
And then it started to rain pour.

The rain here is California is just like the rain in Waco, Texas, right?
We needed to get some new wiper blades for the car and an additional umbrella so we tracked to the Target next door.  The Target in California is clearly channeling its inner Joanna Gaines.

Target is the same as Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

Mugs at Target and the mugs at Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas are pretty much the same, right?
Storage solutions at Target are pretty much the same as storage solutions from Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

Target's new line of No. 5 Archaeology candles are pretty much the same as Joanna Gaines signature candles at Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

 Artificial peony flowers at Target are the same as Magnolia Flowers in Waco, Texas, right?

 And I'm certain this is what my purchases would have looked like if I had visited Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

And the Templeton Feed and Grain Store is kinda just like being at Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

We visited the Ace Hardware store in Templeton.  I'm also certain that the Hardware store in Templeton is exactly like how you must feel when you walk into Magnolia Market and you have to take a shoe picture in Waco, Texas, right?

And of course I was super inspired by the industrial fixture hanging in the Ace Templeton Hardware store as I'm sure I would be if I had visited Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

Growing Grounds in San Luis Obispo, and Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest I'm convinced was just as lovely as Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas, right?

And the Silos in Stratford, California are exactly like the Silos at Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, right?

I got a piping hot latte at Dark Nectar in Templeton, California.  I'm sure it tasted just as delicious as a piping hot latte from Common Grounds in Waco, Texas, right?

(Yes, we are all wearing our Magnolia t-shirts)
 Waiting for the storm to pass before beginning our trek home, we decided that eating fish tacos at Taco Temple in Morro Bay California was just like eating at Torchy's Tacos in Waco, Texas, right?

All in all, I would say that our California stay-cation was just like visiting Waco, Texas, right?  Now excuse me while I go find the vanilla vodka to make a Lemon Drop.

I amand I am 1328.74 miles FROM Waco.

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