Sunday, January 1, 2017

April Rewind

Easter month is one of my favorite times of year whether it happens in March or April...I love this time of year.  This year Easter was in April, and it made for a beautiful resurrection month.

We held our annual Lloyd Mountain Egg-stravaganza with friends.  Blogged that business already. Makes me really happy when I do that. This backwards stuff is hard on my memory brain. Remember, I turned 37.  I am nearly 38 now.  This kind of hard thinking hurts my old brain.

Baseball Season began with a new division, the Rookie League.  They introduced a new pitching machine to help this younger age-group learn the rules and tools of baseball.
We hiked my aunt and uncle's pretty property and enjoyed the gorgeous nature of their backyard.

We enjoyed Spring Break lounging outside with our pets, sleeping in the sun, reading, and gorging on hot chocolate.

We also traveled to Mariposa for our Easter tradition with my parents and my brother and his family.  This year was extra special because we got to see my cousin and her new home in Cathey's Valley.  Such special memories.

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