Monday, January 16, 2017

August Rewind

We hit the ground running in August.
Our school district adopted new curriculum for English Language Arts so we spent some extra time coding the curriculum.

It was a beast.

We enjoyed the last few weeks of the "dog days of summer."

I continued to read.

 Our peach tree offered quite a bounty this year.
We tried to get to them before the birds, and the dogs.

We spent some more time at the Lake with friends.

We celebrated Steve's parents 40th wedding anniversary.

They celebrated the start-of-school-German-tradition by presenting the kids with a Kindercone.

I read some more.

We started school.
Macy a 7th grader.
Zachary a 3rd grader.
I'm still teaching Research and Technology in the Library.

I spent many days outside talking to my succulents.
They had a great year.

Although we had technically finished "travel ball" for Sierra, Zachary joined the CS Travel Ball team and we ventured to Morro Bay for the weekend for a tournament.

We ate at House of JuJu, because we like food.
Not sure if there is enough evidence in this blog to support that, yet.

 After a long day of baseball, we had dinner at Taco Temple.
One of my all-time favorite restaurants.
Legend has it, there is a tortilla at the bottom of that taco.

We breakfasted at a cute little coffee house down the street from our hotel.
I fail to remember the name.

We had friends over to hang out.

 We also celebrated Hotpants birthday.  I also somehow failed to document that.
Curses again.

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