Sunday, January 1, 2017

February Rewind

We had all sorts of heart eyes for February.

I loved everything there was to love about the love month.
Let's see if I can work the word love in there just a few more times.

It was oh so lovely that basketball season ended in February as Macy was knee-deep in Wizard of Oz practices because she landed the role of "Mayor of Munchkin the County of the land of Oz"

Macy started travel basketball and we geared up for a great trip north to Seattle, Washington. 
(Pics and story excluded here because I did a play by play day in separate posts, yeah me.)

Steve took Macy to his final Father-Daughter (insert tears and deep sighs here...)

While they were there dancing it up, Zach and I went to the Savemart Center to enjoy the Rockin' Worship Road show with friends.

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