Sunday, January 8, 2017

June Rewind

It's a wonderful thing that our family enjoys...scratch that....loves everything there is about baseball.
In June, our life became all baseball to kick off our summer and we celebrated some awesome wins and some heartbreaking losses.  Among one of our favorite wins was an underdog tournament championship game victory on Father's Day.  The dads out there were busting their buttons.
It was a good day.

Happy Father's Day, guys.
Good win.

After earning a second place in our district tournament, we were delighted to move on to the State tournament playing in good ole Caruthers. 
There just so happened to be an ice cream truck that circled the ball park everyday.
I wouldn't be exaggerating if I confessed to you that I might have actually RUN after it to make sure I secured myself a Choco Taco.
We had a tiny scare thinking that Zach had chipped his ankle bone during a scootering accident. After a trip to the ER and x-rays, we later learned that Z has some ossifications in his ankle caused by shoes that rub.  What looks like a bone floating around his ankle, kinda is...but not because he's broken it in any way. After the ER trip, he was able to resume baseball and other kid activities without a problem.
We set out to balance our summer with relaxing opportunities and chances to get out and about and make some memories.

Macy performed at Fresno High's theatre for the Studio on the Hill recital with a song called, "Set it Off".  They opened the show with some excitement!

We capped out the evening at Gazebo Gardens, one of my favorite places to get a delicious beer and enjoy the food trucks.

We found some fun ways to keep ourselves entertained around the house.

 And outside of the house.

I had about 7 volunteer tomato plants this year.
They sprung up all over the place.
I later learned that my dogs love stealing the tomatoes off the plant, hence the overpopulation of them everywhere on our property.
We tried to get out to Shaver Lake as much as possible.
Steve is trying to get me more comfortable driving the boat.
I don't mind getting it around the lake, but the whole parking it at the dock business makes me sweat.

Scully is a great boat dog.
He loves the lake.

 I spent some time at school getting organized and prepped for the next school year.
My mom grew some amazing flowers.
My Uncle Peter's favorite flower, the dahlia. 
I was inspired to visit the "Big Trees" right in our own "backyard" after reading the book At the Edge of the Orchard.

I took the kids up to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park to hike around and see the giants.


On the way home, I drove the kids down the 3 Rivers side of the mountain and stopped at Reimer's Candies and Gifts for some delicious homemade ice cream.

Since this route takes you through Visalia, the kids and I decided to have an early dinner at Quesadilla Gorilla.  This is a brick and mortar establishment that also boasts a wicked food truck.
We relished in designing our own quesadillas.

 I hosted a wine and succulent night at the house.  I had so much fun with the ladies building little treasures of succulents to enjoy at home.

While the boys stayed at home to compete in a baseball tournament, Macy and I traveled to Arizona with some friends

We discovered a fun little coffee shop near the Air Force Base.
Aptly named, Ground Control.

I fell in love with Chase Field as we were able to watch the series between the Diamondbacks and the Giants.  I also got all the heart eyes for the Diamondback's pitcher, Robbie Ray in case you were wondering.

While we did our fair share of eating on this trip, we also did a considerable amount of walking and swimming.

I took the kids to White Tank for a little hike.
It was hot.
Like, really hot.
Arizona kinda hot.


At the entrance of the park, we found a public library. 
Are you kidding?
They did not have a copy of A Bad Case of Stripes.
They did have a 25 cent sale of discarded books.
We loaded up.

 They had a pretty cool exhibit of rattle snakes and gila monsters.

Arizona and the Messer/Jones/Ferg clan were so good to us.
What fun we had.

 My reading for the plane ride home.

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