Sunday, January 1, 2017

March Rewind

If I'm being really honest, there isn't a TON that I remember about March.
Blurriness because we were on the move.
Moving from basketball practice, games, to theatre practice, to shows and sleep somewhere in the midst of all that.
Oh yeah. I turned 37.
There was that.
Maybe that's why it's all blurry.

I sent this pic to Steve one morning.
Amazing bed head.
I know.
It's the lion in me.
This is why I drink so much coffee.
Life is happening fast.
I gotta keep up.

We saw another concert at the Savemart Center with friends.
Toby Mac knows how to put on a concert.

The kids humored their mama and participated in walking T-shirt book commercials.  Little sharpie on t-shirts makes for great fun.

The girls and I tried to visit Waco, Texas. We didn't make it there.  Blog story called, Literally, Lemons was posted. You can read all about it.

My birthday happened to be on opening night of the Wizard of Oz.

I celebrated with friends at school, and then pizza and beer at my parents house before the show opened.  It was a wonderful night.  The Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie growing up.  I watched it over and over again...crying when Dorothy clicked her heels because I wanted her to stay in Oz.
It was such a gift to watch my very own kid perform in the play.  Best birthday gift.

 Zachary finished out the month by losing his second front tooth.  Too bad it wasn't Christmastime!

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