Monday, February 20, 2017

November Rewind

 November is always a blur to me.
We sprint.
Lots of sports happenings, preparing for the holidays, and just overall busyness seem to blur November.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Zach that I hope is burned into my memory forever.
It's a real picture of this stage of life and childhood and when I looked up from my morning coffee I just stared at him.
He's my little guy.
Always will be.
I forget sometimes because he's so smart and talented and a quiet giant.
He's wired a lot like his daddy.
I forget that he's only 8.
His feet don't quite touch the barstool base, he still likes to watch cartoons/tv while he eats his breakfast, and he gets very excited on game day sports mornings when he can strut his stuff.
He's growing up right before my eyes and sometime soon his feet will touch the barstool base.
 There's something about siblings that when they are getting along you have to record the moment.
Dogs seem to be no different.
These two are polar opposites in their personality and don't often "want" to be near each other.
I was excited to "catch" them snuggling on the same bed. Brothers.
 Zachary has learned that the best way to get some quiet snuggle-mama time is to bring a book into my bedroom.  I'm sure to offer him a spot and he's quick to accept the invitation.
 Did I already mention turkey-gravy day at school?
Zach had a lunch date with me on turkey-gravy day.

 We love supporting our school programs through these fundraising events that our schools put on.
This is Silver 65.
It supports the Ag classes at Sierra High School.
We especially enjoy our friends, the auction, and the wine.
 My morning coffee buddies.
They like to "help" me water plants.
 November got cold quickly, and I instantly celebrated with a fire, cozy jammies, and a book.
 Zachary did a report on a community member as a class assignment, and he chose to talk about his Grandpa.  He even did his best to dress up like him.  I see it, don't you?
 The weather started turning colder so it quickly became time for me to move my succulents loves undercover.

 My dad came up to the house to help me install shelves.
These projects always seem so easy when I think of them in my mind, but then there are things like finding the stud....making it level....cutting the boards.....
my dad is really good at these things.
For that and so much more I am grateful.

 When your kid figures out your phone passcode, you look through pictures and find this.
It's going in the blog, Macy. Goin' in the blog.

 Over the Thanksgiving break I took the kids to the movies.
We saw Trolls.
 Zach helped me organize and purge books in the back of the house.
This is a big undertaking.
 We spent nearly everyday of our vacation at home trying to just relax and recharge.
We played a lot of games.
It was uneventful and really nice.
 My parents hosted Thanksgiving this year.
My mom and dad put on quite a dinner.
All the favorites.

 We came home from Thanksgiving and decorated the house for Christmas.
We also played some games together.
You win some, you lose some.

 One of my favorite after Thanksgiving traditions is starting on Christmas cards.
I seriously LOVE Christmas cards.
I love giving them and more than that, receiving them.
I heart ALL the Christmas cards.

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