Monday, February 20, 2017

October Rewind

'Tis the season.......

 This is the first year that I ever planted cosmos from seed.  They were prolific this year and made for wonderful cuttings.  I will certainly plant them again!

"helping" me in the library.

Macy is a Boba Addict.
She loves all things boba and pot stickers.
 My succulents continue to do well, and I even had some amazing bloomers this year.
 Our busy schedule zonked out this growing boy. 
His need for down time and resting has grown significantly. 
 Macy and I did a pumpkin photo shoot.
There's a pumpkin spice latte in there.
Because this girl likes her pumpkin flavored whatever.

 I gutted this pumpkin to marry a few of my favorite things:

 I challenged myself to read 15 books over the course of the school year.
I tend to stick more to kid-lit so that I have things to recommend to students at school.
 Our community of volunteers puts on this awesome event each year called Polo Fest that raises money to support our school district.
It is a fun evening with great community of food, laughter, and dancing.

Turkey-gravy days at school are my favorite.
Having lunch with Z and his buddies is also my favorite.
This makes it one of my favorite days subsequently. 

 We do a Fat Friday at school hosted by a different grade level each week.
6th grade made my list of best friends for the week by bringing all things pumpkin.
All things pumpkin.
It was epic.
 My sister-in-law and brother-in-law announced their pregnancy and the gender of their baby in October.
Little BOY V due in February!

 Here goes Hotpants again doing some house honey-do's.
Chalk this up to favorites too!

 The Big Fresno Fair takes place every October.
We love attending especially when we have food on the brain.
We did our fair share of eating.
And eating.
.....and more eating.

 My amazing brother in law built us a Pinterest inspired wood rack to our specs and it turned out beautifully!
 GG (Sito) likes Thai Food like we do.
We enjoyed a nice dinner together. 
 Zachary ran in a few cross-country meets.
 We found the mother-lode volunteer cherry tomato plant.
 We did a progressive dinner with my side of the family to celebrate my Uncle Ray's birthday and an early birthday for my brother.
Wine and appetizers and my parents little cabin in the woods.
More wine and appetizers at Max & Liz's house.
 Salad at our pictures. 
Dinner and dessert at my parents house.
I love progressive dinners!

 We celebrated Red Ribbon Week at school and campaigned for a drug-free lifestyle with some fun dress up days.
Wear RED.
Put a cap on drugs.
 Healthy me- Thank a farmer/rancher day.

 Our last dress up day was for Halloween.
Macy and her girlfriends were the characters from Ghostbusters.

My school team dressed up as the characters from the Gingerbread Baby.
 I was clearly a fox.

 We also trekked back to Murphys/Arnold to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.
Calaveras County is gorgeous.
I just love everything this little nook of California has to offer.
We saw some of the prettiest fall colors.

 Halloween with our little crew again.
We love trick or treating with these guys!
 My parents really "got into character" for dress up this year.
 We don't do trick or treating the "normal" way.
Our version of trick or treating includes going into our neighbors houses.
The freedoms and joys of living in a small town.

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