Monday, February 20, 2017

Putting on the Ritz

I remember dancing to a song when I was little called "Putting on the Ritz."
Now putting on the Ritz refers to a semi-formal dance for 7th and 8th graders
at our local junior high.

Macy is part of the leadership team that helped to decide the theme and colors
for this year's Ritz.

She was very excited to participate, get dressed up, and go to the dance.

Coincidentally, it was held on the same night as the Father-Daughter dance
at the elementary school.
The heart does things when these realizations are made.

So, for the first time instead of staying at the dance with her,
Steve and I drove her, took a few pictures and left.

She danced with her friends.
She laughed.
She radiated beauty.
The heart does things when you see that in your daughter.

So proud of this glowing young lady.
So very proud of her poise.
So very proud of her confidence.
So very proud.
The heart does things when you feel that proud.


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