Monday, February 20, 2017

September Rewind

September was a month for celebrating some every day wins in our life.  We first celebrated that we finally got into the swing of school and settled back into routines.

 We celebrated when Macy ran for student body vice president, ran unopposed. and still gave a stellar speech.
I love that she wanted to really earn it.
 I celebrated this Hottie McHotpants.
Just because.
 We celebrated some awesome Dodger baseball victories, made sweeter when you have Giants fans as friends.
We celebrated The Three Stooges.
 I celebrated when Steve installed a new garbage disposal.
All by himself I might add.
I happen to kind get alllllll sorts of smitten when my man does a project like this.

 We celebrated my parents new home away from home at the little cabin in the woods.

 We celebrated my parents birthday.
 We celebrated friendships on the water.
 We celebrated growing up and little boys who will still dance with their mamas in the kitchen.
We celebrated family and work at Certified Meat and JD Food company picnic.

It really was a month of celebration.

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