Sunday, March 12, 2017

La La Day Two California Adventure

There are a few Disney things that didn't seem to happen for us on this trip and I noted them as we drove away the first night.

#1: We did not buy Mickey Ears.
#2: We did not enter any gift shops and therefore did not purchase any gifts/memorabilia.
#3: We did not stand in line to take any character pictures.
#4: We did not ride Dumbo.
#5: We did not have to push a stroller.

This list made an impression on me because it's not the way we spent our first Disneyland trip with the kids.  Clearly there is a marker here that as a family we are growing and changing.
While I'm happy we did without the stroller, and we didn't carry bags of goodies around all day...there is something inside me that was sad that we didn't get a picture with Mickey or Minnie.  If I had a do-over...that's the only thing I would change.

We arrived bright and early for Day Two, and decided that instead of Disneyland, we would try out for the first time, Disney California Adventure.

So glad we did!

Our first stop was Cars Land, and Radiator Springs.  The kids and I stood in line while Steve waited in an even longer line to get Fast Passes for this later in the day.

I'd like you to notice something in the picture below.
Macy isn't squinting because the sun's in her face.
She's squinting and holding her breath here because we are on our way to
California Screamin' ride and she's losing her marbles.
Freaked out.
We explained that it's like Space Mountain, which she conquered come on!
Oh the freak-out-session.

Freak-out-sessions are contagious in our family apparently.
Z joined the band wagon and tears right as we are getting ready to board the ride.
I know, I must sound like an awful parent  FORCING my kids to go on rides.

This was taken immediately after the ride. 
Pretty sure they liked it.
Here is our picture after ride #1.
We survived.
Macy declared she wanted to go again.
Z concurred.
Awful Parent Award or Awesome Parent Award?
 To prove I was a good sport after the coercion for California Screamin'
I went on the freaky-deaky swings.
This is my nightmare ride.
I've confessed in multiple blog posts that I HATE heights.
Like my face turns colors and my breathing gets weird and panic at the disco sets in.
I LOOOOOOVVVE roller coasters.
You don't have time to look down.
The swings seems to me to be the most precariously dangerous ride, spinning in a circle, with nothing that realllllllllllly holds you in.
I no likey the swings.

For lunch we headed back towards Cars Land and ate at the Cozy Cone Cafe

 We had chile verde chicken (muy caliente) and mac and cheese in a cone.
 They have delicious frozen apple juice.
 This was during ride #2 of California Screamin'.

 If you find yourself in need of some sit-down time, I highly recommend going to the Animation Academy in Hollywood land.  It was really cool!

 This is about ride #3 or #4 of Screamin'.'s ride #6.
So glad the kids said yes to this ride despite their fears.
It made for a memorable adventure.

Stay tuned for day three!

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