Sunday, March 12, 2017

La La La La Day Four Long Beach

Day Four of our vacation was much more my speed.
We spent some time at the laundromat since I only packed 3 outfits for each of us, it was time for some clean clothes!
I especially appreciated the moments to sit and read and watch life around me.
One of my favorite things about the laundromat is the sheer amount of laundry that you
can get done in record time.
It feels so productive!
I also love to watch how people connect or disconnect during this time of waiting.
I noticed that I am a disconnector.
I like to sit and read and be all to myself.
Zachary is a connector.
He made fast friends with another boy in the laundromat and they played cars for about 20 minutes.

Afterwards we drove to get breakfast again at Einstein Bagels.
I love bagels.

Next we drove around Long Beach and checked out the college campus.

We had just missed a Long Beach State Basketball game at the Pyramid the night before.

We picked a great place to pull over and park for a while in Long Beach while Z and Steve went for a walk, Macy and I enjoyed the boardwalk and sat and read in the warm sunshine.

 During this time we did our research on the "islands" of oil rigs out there.  Pretty interesting how they created it to look like an island paradise when it is in fact hiding the "beauty" of the oil rigs.

The ratings on Yelp are awesome for the Attic, so we decided to sit out the wait and get a well sought after table here.  

Steve ordered the short ribs poutine fries.

 Z ordered their famous Mac and Cheese with Applewood Bacon and Hot Cheetos on top.
It was surprisingly good.
Macy ordered an omelet with all the fixings.

I ordered the appetizer sampler.
Do you even know me by now?
I have to try it allllllllll.....

Also, I'm a sucker for bread pudding.
And bananas.
And bananas foster.
This is bananas foster bread pudding.
You know it.
 We capped of our evening with late naps, reading, more reading, and bedtime.

Now this is my kind of vacation.

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