Saturday, March 11, 2017

La La La LA......EARLY birthday Vacation

The last time we visited Disneyland we were pushing Zach in a stroller and Macy refused to go on any roller coaster type rides.

For birthdays this year, both Macy and Zachary requested a Disneyland trip.
It's a trip year for Macy.
It's a party year for Zach.
Z birthday = June
M birthday = July

This took some serious negotiating and in the end I think it worked out well for everyone when we said YES to Disneyland for birthday party/trip year all rolled into ONE in FEBRUARY!!!!


This mama knows her limits.
Disneyland in the summer sounds like how I would feel a week without coffee.
Not happening.

We take a week off during February in our school district for "ski week."
Given that most people are in school during this time it made for a perfect opportunity for a Disneyland trip!

Enter the Mickey Mouse craze-excitement in our house for weeks leading up to
the Happiest Place on Earth.


We took the kids to a great little coffee place we discovered this summer called The Ink & Bean in Anaheim. Quick breakfast before entering the park.

While we figured that Disneyland would be less crowded in February, it was a surprise to see so many people clamoring to get in and make happy memories.  We opted for a less fabulous picture to skip this photo frenzy opportunity so we could sprint to Hyper-Space Mountain.

 Despite the tears and fears before boarding the ride, the kids did great and couldn't wait to ride on it again.  

 The last time we went on Space Mountain Macy was 5 and

cried through the whole ride and swore she would never ride it again....EVER.  Never say never Macy proved yourself wrong!

 This is my "I-just-took-a-bite-of-food-Steven-you-punk" face.  Now you've seen it too.

 This is my "You-just-took-another-pic-while-i'm-eating-you-punk" face.  They are different looks for very similar things.  I'm gifted that way.
 We ate at the New Orleans Cafe.
We ordered the fancy-pants fries because...well garlic and special dipping sauce and it was amaaaaaazing.
We split a fried green tomato sandwich and Monte Cristo sandwich because Disneyland does big portion food.  Macy loved the Monte Cristo.  I loved the fried green tomato sandwich.

 Has anyone else who has visited Disneyland lately noticed how much food they actually grow there?  I can't seem to find the answer to my I'll ask it here....  Do they actually harvest this food and use it for their cooking?  What happens to all the oranges, kumquats, kale, cabbage, spinach? They also had a ton of herbs in the line for Astro-Blasters.  I'd love to know what they do with it.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad wasn't slated to be open, but they must have finished whatever they were working on so we used our Disneyland app and it suddenly showed open so we booked it over there.....along with the rest of the crowd.
 Macy couldn't wait to have an Mickey Ice Cream...something iconic about it.
Anyone else notice that there is a heart in the Matterhorn mountain?  It was under repair during our visit.  Bummer.
 Z wanted a frozen banana.  It was the most frozen thing ever....took forever to thaw out enough to actually eat.
 Teacups was a must do on the ride list.  Steve is not a fan of spinning.  He was such a good sport by riding with us.

Here's something I learned on Day One at Disneyland.
Ditch your nice camera.
I lugged around my nice camera all day.
I took like 5 pictures.
That beast is heavy.
Take a gazillion pics on your iPhone.
Set up a family sharing album.
Make your husband take pictures too.
So much easier.
They turned out just fine.
Once I "let go" of my dream of "radical pics on my good camera"...
I was able to relax and enjoy our time so much more.

 Also, buy a turkey leg.
Just do it.

 For me, it's a corn dog.
Disney and corn dogs just have to happen.
 Much to my excitement, they brought back the electrical parade.  No fireworks because of the electric parade...but really fun and nostalgic.

Disneyland was a totally different experience with an 11 and 8 year old.  So happy the kids wanted to do this for their "birthday."

Stay tuned for the next days of our trip.

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