Monday, April 17, 2017

10 things I love about YOU, Spring Break 2017


Spring Break.
He is risen.

We packed our break with activities and rest.
10 days of activities and rest to LOVE all there is to LOVE about Spring Break.

#1: Friday 4/7


#2: Saturday 4/8

We mixed rest with activity.
Snow with crab. No, not snow crab.
And fun with friends.

#3: Sunday 4/9


#4: Monday 4/10

Clean and cook like a crazy person because.... 

Our kid crowd was a "little" bigger this year so the games had to include more kiddos.
Cups is easy.
Cups makes for a lot of kids playing at the same time in an effort to just "turn 'em over."
cups= good group game.
Kids wanted prizes.

Heads up group charades  = good game.

Easter egg hunt= good group game.

Relay races= okay game.
Kids want prizes.
Kids don't want bragging rights.
They want prizes.
Next year, candy prizes.
I heard ya kiddos, I heard ya.

Group selfie scavenger hunt= good game.
Kids wanted prizes.

 Fire roasting= good game.

 Reading the old blog books= bloggy validation.

#5: Tuesday 4/11

Amtrak train ride and Hanford Superior Dairy Visit

Our day started off with breakfast at Java Time.

We snuck over to JD Food to see Steve and get a tour of the new JD facility.
Great new addition to the Fresno landscape.

 Fresno Amtrak was pretty busy I thought.
Many people riding to Hanford to visit Superior Dairy, but also many travelers headed south for Easter plans.

#6: Wednesday 4/12
My planner said "Go to Yosemite"
Then I got a text from a friend about a skiing opportunity.
Hard to say no to that.
Yosemite will have to happen another day.
This was well worth the planner change.
Special thanks to all the adults up there who helped with my kiddos that day as well.
They learned so much from each fall and spill and how to get up and try again.
Good lessons.
Thank you.

#7: Thursday 4/13


#8: Friday 4/14

Good Friday was spent with my family.
We hosted my parents, brother and family, and Sito and Evelyn for a ham dinner.

#9: Saturday 4/15

We had the good opportunity to get to see our sweet nephew Carter and his parents.  We also cheered on Macy during another basketball tournament weekend.

#10: Sunday 4/16
Easter Sunday we chose to spend together as a family.
We woke the kids up early to check out their Easter baskets and then got on the road to see the Dodgers play the D-backs for Easter.

We had good family fellowship in the car.
And...some not so good family fellowship.
That's the real part of being in a family.
You can love each other so much and wanna strangle each other at the same time.
That's real love people.

Steve's fantasy basketball friend also named Steve from Philly came out to CA to catch some baseball, coincidence to be at the same game...they couldn't have planned it better! They've played in the same online league for at least 10 years.  People from all over participate in this far as Australia.  Pretty awesome how a shared love for sports brings people from all over together.  Clearly, the other Steve is a Phillies fan, and the fans in LA wanted to make sure he knew that they weren't playing us.  Good grief.
 While it wasn't a great game for our Dodgers, and despite our best efforts to help them out with our "rally caps"...the Dodgers took a loss to the Diamondbacks. We still had a great Easter with the Dodgers.

And while today is technically part of Spring Break, and I should include a #11, I don't want to.
Since this is my blog, I'm allowed to do that.
So there.