Monday, April 17, 2017

Basketball + Baseball

'Tis the season to play.
Play, and play...............and play, and play.........and play, and play.

We are in the "season" of travel basketball for Macy and baseball for Zach.

We are lucky to live in a community that offers stellar coaching to our kids.
While we aren't a big district, our local sports offers our kids an opportunity to learn and play
from some of the best.

Court time, field time....the time is well invested.

Macy's first tournament weekend was in Yosemite.
We spent the day for basketball and enjoying the town while we waited for the next game.

 I was tired, and the girls stole my phone while I slept.
We ended our basketball day in Fresno at another food truck turned brick and mortar restaurant called Koja.  Korean/Japanese fusion food. Another big time yum.
 The next day the girls played and earned themselves a 3rd place.
Well done, ladies.

Z is playing for the minors this year in our MCRF league.
Steve is coaching with a buddy who is a big time Giant's fan, 
so they settled on being the Orioles for the year.
It's still black and orange, but at least it's not the Giants. ;)

 Z is working on his pitching this year and trying his skill on catching.
He's always up for anything, willing to learn all positions of baseball.

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