Friday, April 14, 2017

La La La La La Day FIVE

Going home is one of my favorite days of vacation.
That might seem weird.
However, I really love home.
Home is my really really happy place.
I'm lucky to love where I live so much.
I love the opportunity to get away,
but it really makes coming home so sweet.

On day five, we spent our day at another kind of "home."
Home plate, and the new home of Carter, my sweet new nephew.

Here's our story of the day..........

Breakfast of CHAMPIONS.
We had some time before our tour at Dodger Stadium so we thought it would be fun to show the kids the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  Suddenly the traffic and detours made it well known to us that we wouldn't be getting anywhere close to the theatre as they were preparing 
for the Oscars later that night.

Instead we opted for an early lunch at the base of the road leading up to the stadium.
It is well worth the awkward parking and long lines.
Let me introduce you to GUISADOS.

My family is getting really good at acting as excited as I get when they spot succulents.
They've taken on the mentality...if you can't shut mom up, join her!

After a wonderful tour, we started our trek home with a little detour to meet the newest addition to our family. Welcome little Carter!

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