Monday, April 17, 2017

March 2017

Zoom went March
...with a middle like blarch,
What you don't understand my words?
Dr. Seuss used them in herds.

So there you have it,
after our break in February we started March celebrating Dr. Seuss and my birthday!

I was really excited to create a fun project for my 5th graders where we combined our shared love of March-Madness basketball with picking our 5th Grade favorite Seuss book.
For the week each class had an opportunity to read books and vote for their favorites.
The overall winner was a surprise to me, My Many Colored Days.

Our school celebrated each day of Seuss with a dress up theme.

Day ONE: we celebrated Fox in Sox by wearing different kinds of socks.
I forgot to take a picture.

Day TWO: we celebrated some silly Seuss characters by wearing our hair in super Seuss fashion. Thank goodness for friends who are awesome at creating fun hairstyles. 

Day THREE: Oh the Places You'll Go...dress up as what you want to be when you grow up.
I picked my mom.
Z picked a baseball player.

 Dr. Seuss actual birthday was this day, so we all wore our Seuss inspired shirts and brought a favorite Seuss book to read at school, it made for a fun READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK.

Day FIVE: We celebrated our school spirit by wearing BLUE.  I love where I work.  We get to celebrate reading all week long and have loads of fun while doing it.

 One of the many many things I love about Steven Lloyd is that he is almost ALWAYS game for one of my adventures.  A few years ago we did a beer walk in Clovis and I loved it.  He remembered. He's good like that.  He made the suggestion this time and I was all too happy to oblige him on this date.

It was made even more fun when we had some friends who wanted to join us.  So grateful for laughter and friends.  They make the heart full.

My #38 was this year.
I was really craving family time and good food.
I was happily gifted with both.
Family birthday party at a food truck turned brick and mortar: Gastro Grill.
Birthday YUM!

 The absolute best gift of the evening was when our server whispered to me that he was so impressed with our kids.
I got super choked up and was so grateful to hear his observations.
It's one of those things that you hope the world can see.
You want others to see how amazing your kids are.
Because, well...they are!
He gushed about how respectful they were.
How well they ordered their own food.
The surprise and excitement he had over WHAT they ordered and how well they ate it.
That was the best best BEST gift of the night.
Thanks kiddos for being awesome.

Macy and Z always look forward to St. Patrick's Day because it's the one time of year we have a different cereal besides Special K Red Berries. Lucky Charms gets them up early out of bed every time.

March is a favorite month of this guy for one very important reason as well.  He loves to participate in our local softball tournament.  I happen to love watching him play.  Who doesn't love a man who wears BACON softball socks?!

His team took the tourney win.
First place.
Heck yes.

It's funny to me how often we "go" looking for adventure, beauty, new places to see and we often forget that it's right in our own backyard.
A friend of mine posted some pictures of a gorgeous hike she took and every part of me said, "ohhhhh I wanna go 'there'....."
"THERE", is seriously right down the road from me.
Less than 30 minutes.
I was delighted to have a rain-free weekend to go explore my own "backyard."

Stevenson Creek is a round-trip 7.5 mile walk.
Easy for the kids.
Easy for out of shape adults.
Easy on the eyes.

Before you get all "math-y" on me...I know this says 2.5 miles ahead and 2.5 + 2.5 = 5 miles.
I know it "says" that.
It's wrong.
Really, it is.
Because it's really 7.5
You need to know that before you go.
Because 7.5 miles is 2.5 miles MORE than 5 miles.
That's the real math issue here people.
2.5 miles MORE than you thought you were walking.

Stevenson Creek is managed by SCE power and feeds into the San Joaquin River and Redinger Lake/Kerckhoff Lake. 

  The kids decided to try out some Miner's Lettuce, they did not like it. 

Finally, around the bend, we spotted the Stevenson Creek Waterfall.  It was raging. 
When water is on the bridge, you can't cross it.  It's also good to know that if water isn't on the bridge, you probably shouldn't cross it either because SCE can start letting water out at any point, so if you cross and come back and water is on the bridge, you are stuck on the other side.

 After a quick picnic, we started our "jog" back because we had a birthday party to get to!

Later in the day we met our Lloyd counterparts and celebrated my sweet nephew Jackson's birthday.
He wanted a day of baseball with his cousins and we were all too happy to oblige.

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