Monday, May 15, 2017


That's a number you see a lot when you visit the city of Denver, CO.
It sits at a breathtaking mile above sea level.
5,280 feet.
It literally takes your breath away and you can't breathe like a normal person.

Steve flew out to Denver for a work conference and spent a few days getting acclimated to the city before my arrival just some short days later.

He's been a trooper taking selfies.
The kids and I love seeing what he's up to during his time away,

Since I was leaving in a few days, the kids would be able to see where I would
be and what to expect and it was reassuring for them.
Thanks Steve-o for documenting.
It also makes for a fun blog.

Here's a photo story of his solo part of the trip:

It's okay to be a Rockies fan when they are playing the Cubs.

The game was postponed because of the hail.

He was able to take in a game the following evening.

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