Monday, May 15, 2017

A date in Denver with all the heart eyes

Well good morning Denver Convention Center.
We started our day on a simple walk through the city so I could get a feel for downtown Denver.
Steve had already taken to the streets so he banked some places in his mind that he knew I would enjoy seeing.

Steve took me on pretty much my dream date.
We started off at the public library.

 Moseyed on over to the Children's Library so I could find my favorite book to take a pic with.
Steve thought it funny that I was technically not allowed to use this computer.
We also played an intense game of checkers.
Guess who lost.
I stood at this window and gawked for many minutes.
They people inside waved at me.
I was in awe.
This is an automated return station.
I texted my principal at school that I would soon be putting in a 
purchase request for one of these soon.
I'm sure he thinks I'm funny.
We visited the Friends of the Denver Library "Red Chair Bookshop" and took home 
some nearly new books.
We walked around the art museum and gawked at the many different kinds of art that represented unique perspectives from the artists.
We found a Starbucks in the gift shop.
Steve asked the magnetic oracle if this coffee would wake him up.
The answer: No-way.

And then, my wildest dreams came true.
There in the Civic Center amphitheater, they had the Mecca of all Food Trucks.
Over 21 food trucks in total line this blissful walkway.
It's like how Charlie felt when he entered the Chocolate Factory.
Or Alice as she went through the looking glass.
Or Lucy as she traveled through the closet into Narnia.
Or.... wait, enough comparisons?
You get it?
No. I don't think you do.
If I lived in Denver there wouldn't be enough Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays to satisfy me.
But choices needed to be made.
And made them I did.

 Cold Noodle Asian Salad from J Street Food Truck.
Steve's Base Camp bowl.

I could totally see Macy doing something like this.
Sellin' rockin cupcakes out of her van.
Honey lavender cupcake.
Holy YUM.

I thought this was the coolest truck.
It serves pizza, but the design was pretty radical.

After we gorged we walked the city some more thinking we could take in a tour of the Denver Mint.
Tickets sold out.
The gift shop did a nifty little video and that just about did it for me.
I didn't need the tour anymore.

 Our next stop was the Convention Center.
The BIG BLUE BEAR as it is commonly called graces the exterior.

Next up was another list item for me.
I really wanted to visit The Tattered Cover Bookstore.
I could spend the day here.
We spent about an hour just sitting and reading.
It was lovely.
We finally found some cozy couches in the children's section and plopped ourselves there.
No, this is not a real person.
I will have you know I stood there for a few minutes looking around for cameras because I was certain I was on Candid Camera and this sculpture was going to move.
It looks THAT real.
A few streets over was Larimer Square.
It was still too light out to see the pretty ambiance of the space so I made Steve promise that we could stop back by in the dark.
We found this gem of a store called The Market at Larimer.
I instantly fell in love.
It's busy, full of many different foods.
Stacked to the ceiling with product and supplies... this place is bustling.
We even ran into the owner.
This place is his heart.
So obvious that he gets up every morning and loves what he does.
Locally loved.
I also made Steve promise that we would come back here at some point during the trip.
Steve is a good promise keeper.

It was time to head towards the stadium for our date with the Dodgers vs Rockies.
We then headed to the View House for a pre-game brewsky and appetizer.

While I braved batting practice for the off chance that Steve might be able to catch a foul ball,
he repaid me with a close up shot of Mr. Justin Matthew Turner.
Third baseman stud for the Dodgers.
Fruit kebab with brownie.
John Doughs Pizza.

 We stayed in the freezing cold and watched them get beat.
You win some, you lose some.
Ryu pitched for the first time since being on the DL.
Rough start back for him.
We had amazing seats and sat just behind the dugout.

And just like that, the game was over and we walked back towards our hotel in the dark....which meant Larimer Square would be all lit up!
Heck yes it was!
Alllllllll the dreaminess that I imagined it would be.
This entire area feels like it's straight out of the pages in a book.
The Market was already closed, but isn't it beautiful?
 Today was lovely.
Despite my awful cold that I brought with me and the million cough drops and snot rags I've used, it was a memorable day spent with Mr. Hotpants himself.
Good, good day.

Why this picture you might ask?
See that round about door thing?
Steve hates those.
Will walk around just to find a regular door.
This is his "Are you kidding me, Joni?" face.
I'm not kidding.
You choosing that door every time is funny to me.
But I'll still keep you.

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