Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yum Yum Gut

Today was a day I had been looking forward to for many weeks.
When Steve and I started our planning for Denver, one of my bucket list items was to visit
Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Today was the day made for that adventure.

Steve let me sleep in a little longer than I see I've been fighting a really bad cold and the coughing is keeping us both up at night.
While I know I needed the extra minutes of sleep, I felt like I was going to miss out on opportunities to adventure around the city.

Lucky for me, Steve is really chill and rolls with all the punches.
Especially punches that come in around 5'1".
He quick searched for a breakfast location that would satiate my appetite for
Denverish-Food and something that would be memorable.
Traveling with Hotpants just keeps getting better and better because I think
I've brought him over to the Food-side of traveling and he totally gets into choosing a place.

He found Sam's No. 3, located a decent walk from our hotel.
Since it was a total greasy spoon, and featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives it was 
totally appropriate that we walked many blocks to get here hence the impending calories.

Steve ordered a breakfast quesadilla with the famous pork chili.
Um, hot.
Like kickin' spicy.
I ordered the Yum Yum Eggs Benedict.
Holy Yum.
I really liked the atmosphere of this diner.
We sat in the "outdoor covered" location that was perfect for people watching and enjoying the Denver space.

After breakfast, we realized we were pretty close to Larimer Square again and Steve made good on his promise to take me back to The Market so we could try some sweets from the counter.

They had the perfect taster-size French Macarons.  We settled our sweet tooth by sampling some flavors, Steve got a decadent peanut butter caramel chocolate cup, and coffee.
Sitting here was one of the highlights of the day.
If I lived here, I'd spend some good amounts of my time in this place.

We hoofed it back to the hotel because, well calories.
Also, I still felt like junk so Steve let me have a snore-worthy nap until our Uber came to pick us up for our adventure of the day, Red Rocks.

About 30 miles outside of Denver and near the town of Golden you drive into the eye-candy backdrop of natural beauty.

...And this is the reason for the blog title.
I'm posting this picture and I don't give a rip.
But in order for me to not give a rip, I have to tell you I don't give a rip
about the horrible posture I'm using and that gut is just having the time of its life.
That's my "Yum Yum gut", and I have that delicious Eggs Benedict and
French Macarons to thank for it.
So that's me not giving a rip about my gut, sorta.
BECAUSE, the picture.
This was such a happy moment for me and I felt so excited to walk this trail with my man that I'm not going to pretend like the picture isn't here just because of said gut.


After the hike we had some time to kill before the concert so we hung out at the Trading Post and read books for quite awhile.  As the concert time neared, we decided to start our walk up the many, many, many steps leading to the amphitheater.

Steve and I also had a really fun fight about Good & Plenty candies.
It was a dumb fight.
All fights are dumb.
This was right up there.
To make a long story short, Steve and I aren't ever sharing a box
of Good and Plenty again, because
Steve thinks they are so GOOD he needs to put PLENTY of them in
his mouth all at once and that doesn't make for good sharing.
So, for the preservation of our marriage, we will opt for two boxes
and then it won't matter how PLENTY or whatever Steve needs to be in his candy eating experience.

I'll try and make this concert story as succinct as possible.
The space is awe-inspiring.
Truly a jaw-dropping gorgeous overwhelming space.
Totally chill.
People in the daylight were super friendly and easy going.
There are some pre-show performers, very eclectic and culturally unique.
The food was good.
The seating was not comfortable, bring a cushion or a blanket to sit on.
The dark comes in.
The crazy comes out.
The headliners take the stage.
I'm Barbara Walters.
I super don't fit in.
I don't want to fit in.
Maybe it was just the specific section we were in.
Not going to point fingers or throw out stereo-types, just gonna say that
I'm a square, and I'll go ahead and just own that.
I wanted to go home.
Cue the dark clouds.
Cue the thunderclap.
Cue the lightning.
Cue the rain.
Cue the hail.
Thanks for the show.
Take me home.
One soaking cab ride home, we affirmed that it was
worth the experience, bucket list checked.

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