Monday, July 31, 2017

I award myself genius points...


You know that tally you keep in your own brain of
moments when you really feel like you "won"...
Oh, you don't do that?
Hmmmmm, add that to my list of weirdo things.

Well, this 9th birthday party for Z was a big WIN in my book of genius points.

If you remember in February we took the kids to Disneyland to celebrate birthdays.
Z was slated for a "party" this year and I already felt maxed out with end of year school stuff, baseball, and whatever else we chose to say yes to as a family that was filling up our calendar...
so I REALLY didn't want to have a big ole party that would require house cleaning, food prepping, etc.

So I sent out a text to friends and family.
I know, right?
Who is this Joni that sent out a TEXT as an invitation?!?!?!
Where was Photoshop for invites?
Where was the Pinterest birthday board?
Where were the June negotiations over theme, food, treats, cake?

They didn't exist.
They didn't need to.
We (read Joni) had an exorcism of the need to do what we've always done
and we found some fun and freedom in this simple party.
It was freaking fabulous.
We ALL had fun.
Even me.

Z started his morning with biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon lovingly made by his grandma at Java Time. Yum-yum!

We met our friends at the baseball field, requested they wear their favorite baseball gear, and come with hungry pizza bellies.

Kids and adults rotated for some competitive ball play.  Yes, we used tennis balls.

We had the best time with friends and family, and it made for a very memorable 9th birthday for the baseball fanatic, Zach.

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