Monday, July 31, 2017

June 2017

Raise your hand if June strikes you as a month that really feels like two?
Here's why I'm raising my hand:

#1 Part of the Month: BUSY MONTH
We get out from school.
All that end of year wrap up: (read; parties, gifts, report cards, classroom clean up, library management)

#2 Part of the Month: SLEEPY MONTH
Remember that whole "get out from school" in the other part of the month attribute?
Yeah, well this family knows how to sleep in and rest: (read; no alarm, jammies till noon, tv binging, reading, stay up late, I don't know what day it is)
Summer lists.
Did I mention sleep?

So although this recap of June looks like we packed in every waking moment with things....
we didn't.
Because we kinda slept, like a lot.

We celebrated the end of the 2016-2017 school year.
Our dear friend and colleague Tery retired, and we wanted to make sure that she got the celebration she deserved. Lots of friends and love to thank her and encourage her on this next chapter of life!
Dee dancing in the halls.
My Thai Tea splurge. Bring on the caffeine and sugar!
 Decorations for Tery's retirement.

 Thee absolute cutest parking attendant EVER!

 ...and a poem, dance, and chicken as a gift.
 The next day was Macy's Studio on the Hill Recital.
Such a beautifully choreographed routine called, "Rise Up."
The neatest part was dancing alongside some of her very best friends since 2nd grade.

The next weekend was spent celebrating another dear friend and colleague at her wedding.  This is Z's 2nd grade teacher Miss B.  It's going to take some getting used to calling her a new name at school! 

The next day was Father's Day, and we spent time celebrating at my parent's little cabin in the woods. Breakfast was delicious!

 We ventured down into the heat to celebrate with Steve's side of the family. Thank God they have a pool.

Next on the docket for the remaining days of June was some time at our favorite: Shaver Lake.

 (Steve is showing us how to row across the lake like the boy scouts)
 Late night lake fun with friends.

We beat the heat at and headed to the coast for a baseball tourney.

 We stayed in Pismo footsteps from the ocean with our Lloyd counterparts.  Great condo!
 We visited one of JD Food customers, Brooks Burgers.  If you need a fabulous here!
 We hung out at Avila Beach with the team while we laughed and ate together.

 He loves me. Really. I only make him "slightly" crazy.
 We visited the Drive-In Theatre...we watched Cars 3 and Captain Underpants.  It was REALLLLLY cold!

 Lunch at Hoagies in Pismo.

 Talk about some GARLIC fries! Woah!

Back at home we thanked our lucky stars for a "cold-hot-tub" to take a dip in and refresh from the blistering heat.  Even Scully wanted to cool off. NO DOGS ALLOWED!

 Macy worked on her water magic tricks.
 Then we headed north to use our Read to Succeed Six Flags Discovery Kingdom reading certificates with some sweet friends.

The girls rode Medusa 8 times and it was by far their favorite.
Macy has truly become a roller coaster enthusiast. 
If you had asked me to place a bet on this EVER happening, I would have lost a fortune.
Sometimes this little gal of mine surprises me!

 Did you know they shut down the rides for a REALLLLY long time when they have to clean up puke? Like 45 minute wait.  I think this could be a good game show challenge.  Mom vs Discovery Kingdom worker and see who wins.  It will be a shocker, I'm sure.

Then, I got this sudden burst of energy to tackle one of my summer list items: Paint the playroom.
I took a fair amount of flack from friends and family for painting the "beautiful wood."  I'm okay with it.  I like it white.  Makes the room look so much bigger and cleaner.  

 I'm thinking of using this picture in our Christmas card.  Pretty sure it's super flattering.   Wish it accurately showed how much paint was in my hair, on my clothes, and on my hands.

Thanks June.
I think it's okay that you have multiple personalities.

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