Monday, July 31, 2017

Oregon Road Trippin' Day 1

We planned a sort-of last minute trip to Oregon for our family trip this year.
I say sorta last minutes because we typically have things planned months in advance for our travels, but we weren't certain on days off and time we could spend doing the trip so we waited and waited to book things until the week before.

Not my typical way of doing business, but I'm learning this year that sometimes it's okay to change your ways.
This is hard for me.
(Those of you that know me are nodding your head in ferocious agreement)
I'm also learning that it's okay when things don't go my way and that some unplanned things can yield some of the coolest memories.
So friends and family, bear with me as I continue to learn.

We left for our trip as soon as Steve got off work on Thursday.
I had everything packed, ready, and booked for our trip.

We drove to Petaluma and crashed in bed as soon as we got there.  We knew we had to be up early the next morning to get on the road.
For the first time, I used Google's My Maps feature to plan out our Oregon adventure.  It made planning much easier as I could tell how long it would take from each point since our goal was to see as much of the Oregon landscape in 8 days as possible.  This was most certainly a TRIP, not a vacation.  Those two are distinctly different.  One entails rest and relaxation.  The other entails constant movement and the need to detox upon return.  We absolutely participated in a TRIP.

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  1. Yep. The trip yields the most in terms of memories, imho.