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Oregon Road Trippin' Day 3

JULY 8, 2017

Today's activities were NOT on my agenda and very little went according to plan on Day 3.
Steve had chatted with some co-workers about our upcoming trip and they all advised him to take this Mail Boat Jet tour.
Oh, I've seen these before.
San Diego, New York...maybe not this exact same one but ones like it.
I said no.
Not going to happen.

1. It's freaking cold here in Oregon.
2. It's cold and these boats get you drenched= more unnecessary coldness.
3. They go fast and I'm not in control of it.
4. I operate on a very high scale of self preservation.
5. I'm the mom and I said no.

Enter the following picture:

Read: Steve won.
I guess there is a loophole in my reasons called: "Hi, I'm Hottie McHotpants and you love me and I wanna do it and I'm the dad so let's go."

So we went.
I was wrapped in multiple layers of sweatshirts and blankets and our 3rd generation boat captain just laughed at me.

Reasons why this trip was sooooooo worth my husband's insistence and now YOU should go too:
1. Our boat captain was very skilled and professional.
2. He was a true historian of the Rogue River.
3. He made you love every ounce of Oregon, the river, the wildlife, and even the boat ride.
4. It wasn't scary, at all.
5. Oh, we got wet...but it gets stinkin' hot the further inland you go, so it was a welcome soak.
6. We did the 104 mile round trip Wilderness Whitewater and could easily have stayed for more.
 Our boat captain Jeff's grandmother was a ribbon cutter for this particular bridge.
 I've never seen so many Bald Eagle's and nests in my life.
It was a fabulous game of eye-spy.

 The most famous photographed tree on the Rogue River has graced the cover of many magazines.

 Yup, and a bear.
 We stopped for lunch and ate in Agness at the Cougar Lane Lodge and had to try their Marrionberry cobbler.
 The sugar went straight to their heads. Ugh.

We loved it.
I loved it.
Another testimony of the unplanned opportunities that make for great memories.

After leaving Gold Beach, we headed further north to Bandon where I had gone a little pin crazy on Pinterest with all of the rock formations that I was desperate to see.

Here's truth in advertising.
Pin all you want, suckers.

Unless you are a professional photographer, with a great lens, live in the area for all the seasons, know the tide schedule, and can keep your kids from turning into're not going to get the shots you see on Pinterest.

My kids were asleep.
Steve needed to pee.
It was windy like the kind of wind necessary to be Mary Poppins, and I was lucky enough to jump out of the car, take this picture, and jump back in the car.

Maybe you've been there and getting these pics was super fun and easy for you.
To that...I say....YOU ARE RAD.
I wish my photo stream showed otherwise, but if you really want to see some magical looking places of these rock formations, do a google image search and you will be awed.
Then, in real life, go there, breathe in the salty air and stand still mystified at the creativity of our creator. 

While you are in Bandon, stop at Face Rock Creamery.
You can sample their cheeses and get a crazy amount of "kid scoop sized" ice cream.
We also purchased some Monterey Jack cheese curds and cranberry-walnut cheese.
Holy cheese-it's....delicious!

I hurried Steve along the road so we could get to our next stop, Coos Bay.
I'm just gonna be really real.


That means Pinterest, seriously you blew it on this one for me.
I was so disappointed.
This picture is from the City of Coos Bay.

Before booking a room here, I read up a little on the town and looked at pictures.
This is supposedly the largest town on the coast.
It boasts more than 16,000 residents.
Photo from City of Coos Bay

Here's my scouting report:
This place is a ghost town...or the rapture happened.
Not sure when they took this pic, but it wasn't recently.

The bay didn't have a single boat docked, fisherman, walker, flag... nada.  Well, the museum did have a boat...
Many cars drive THROUGH Coos Bay, but according to my Saturday night calculations... the party was certainly somewhere else.

This is the view from our bedroom window.

I expected sleepy beaches, and a quiet atmosphere because that's how all of Oregon had been so far. However,  this was more than a little empty.
Entire buildings of businesses had signs on their doors about their closing.
My lay understanding is that Coos Bay used to be a bustling logging town that has seen closure resulting in less population. That makes sense to me.
Honestly, they all up and left.

We did happen to find an authentic German food restaurant called the Blue Heron Bistro. He was really happy to eat foods he hasn't had since his late Oma had prepared them for him in Canada.
It brought back some sweet memories.   The decorations and music screamed Germany, so it was a fun transport into a different space.

We were all really tired, really hungry, and I was really especially grouchy.  Like, especially.
I had what I called, "a much needed beer..." the waitress was a nervous giggler and I don't think she knew what to do with me.
The whole entire Coos Bay experience was just awkward and weird and I was ready to leave.
That's my story.

German Potato Pancakes for Macy, Z had some noodles.
We shared everything.
It makes trying new foods fun.
Food is a little magic in our family, it tends to be the much needed remedy for our
fussy behaviors sometimes.


Not pictured was Steve's dish:

 We tried to make the best of it by playing games.

The kicker for me was the next morning when we stopped at a nearly deserted Dutch Bros (have you ever seen that in Fresno/Clovis??) and we asked the kid working there what he recommended for us to do.
His answer:
I have no idea.
I've been here for four months and I still don't know what to do.
Okie dokie.

Peace out Coos Bay.

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