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Oregon Road Trippin' Day 4

July 9, 2017

The next leg of our trip was one of my favorite days/stops/towns/experiences.
If we were to travel to the coast again I would surely try to spend more time in Florence and Yachats.

 We arrived at the Sea Lion Cove just as it opened so we didn't have to fight the crowds to go through the tour.  It wasn't the busy "season" for the sea lions, and I thought it was kinda pricey for what you actually got to see and experience but they have a really nice facility and super kind docents, so you're paying to keep that up and running I figure.
Great view of the Heceta Head Lighthouse.
Just on the other side of that lighthouse is one of the best beaches we visited and a darling trail that we walked.  If you are in this area, try and do that.

This trail was one of my favorite experiences.
I saw the trail on Trip Advisor and Pinterest, and for once this experience was far better than the pictures.  It's a super easy trail for kids and adults, a mile round trip and it leads to a huge beach.  Parking is sudden and if you aren't paying attention you will miss it.  
My pictures don't do the space justice.
It's like being in a fairy tale.

 The trees look like they are draped in velvet.

 I wanted to take a picture around every bend.
Well, I guess I kinda did.
Welcome to our little hike.

 Just as you descend towards the beach, there is a shrine of crab shells, kids toys, shoes, all artfully decorated and it was amusing to sit and look through all that people had added to the collection.


See the lines in this picture?
This is my new favorite beach game to keep the kids entertained.
See if you can jump the lines.
We might have been a little aggressive with our expectations.

After sufficiently digging our toes into the sand and getting our fill of salty air, we headed to Yachats in Siuslaw National Forest.
Again, I had pinned a significant amount of touristy things to do in this little stretch so I wanted to make sure I spent my time and got my money's worth of the parking.

Again, knowing the high tides, weather, etc is important when planning these things.
We stayed for high tide, and still never saw the "phenomenon" of these spectacles.
Nevertheless, they were breathtaking and gorgeous up close and personal in their own right.

Here's the professional picture that made me want to see this place:

This gorgeous picture was taken by Michel Matton

Here's my version:
It was almost high tide, and you could see it rise and fall pretty dramatically, but nothing compared to the high tide in the above picture.  I hear stormy weather makes it even better.
I was grateful that it wasn't storming.
Many people got way way way too close for my liking.
Honestly, some people are just stupid.
People have died in this thing.
I would like to give them my self preservation speech.

And this is Spouting Horn.
It never spouted while we were there.

 Pinterest Picture:
Fabulous photo by Rolly Patton

While we waited for high tide, I did get my fill of snuggle time because it was COLD and windy.
I also got an ear full of whiney kids who just wanted to play minecraft on their devices and I laughed at them when I said "NO"...this is the ultimate minecraft in front of your face!

This pic is Christmas card worthy, again.

This is Devil's Churn as seen by the Lloyd family.

Pinterest Picture:
Photo from Trip Advisor

We stayed for what we felt was enough time to give up on the "high" tides and headed further north to the town of Lincoln City.  Wow. This place was considerably busier.  Sadly, the town hasn't kept up with the infrastructure needed to handle all the cars and tourists so it made for some frustrating left hand turns and exiting of side streets.

Here was my Pinterest inspiration for the evening.
I pinned it knowing I was going to have to do laundry and Steve needed to take the kids and keep them entertained.
I gave him this picture and directions.

This is what he sent me when he got there.

While I spent time back at the motel doing laundry, we finally decided on where to have dinner for the night.
I would like to give a little shout out to the Motel 6 in Lincoln City.
You're people are really nice.
You are helpful.
The lady who checked me in was good at smiling.
She made me feel important, simply because she was kind.
Your motel was clean.
Thank you for not gouging me on washing machine/dryer prices like some places.
That's how it should be.

Armed and ready with my quarters, soap, and softener.

Yummy dinner at Kyllo's.

 See what being hungry does to us?


 Steve finished up the evening waiting for our clothes to dry.
That's how we pack light.

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