Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Oregon Road Trippin' Day 6

July 11, 2017

Portland offered us one of our best sleeps.
Steve likes to get up before the rest of us and go walking.
He often ends up at a coffee place.
This benefits me greatly.
While the in room coffee option pleases me, having it hand delivered by Hotpants himself is spectacular. 

Steve found his way to Barista in Portland.
When I asked him after our trip what food he liked the best, he said it wasn't food...
it was the coffee from Barista.
I would have to agree on the amazing coffee review.
Extra hot for me.
Iced for Steve.
 Our breakfast plans included a must-stop at Pine State Biscuits.
Be prepared to wait, but like most good's worth it.

Apple Cider...we "shared..."
The cooks that work here are fantastic to watch.
They work like a well oiled machine.
It was fascinating to see how seamlessly they work alongside one another in cramped quarters.

Homemade strawberry rhubarb pop tart.
Macy and I split THE REGINA.
Egg over easy with braised greens doused with Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Steven and Z split THE CHATFIELD.
Fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with apple butter

We visited the location in the Alberta neighborhood, and I was so glad we did.
This is a really fun neighborhood to walk around, window shop, and sip on some fresh juice.

The juice Macy is holding was their special of the day from the Sip Juice Cart.
I'm pretty sure it was a Blueberry Mojito (no alcohol...)
It was refreshing with mint, blueberries, dates, and I think beet juice. I'm not 100% certain because it's not on their main menu page.

Footsteps from Pine State Biscuits is the Juice Cart and this darling nursery called Thicket.
Lucky for my family, it wasn't open yet...because this is my kind of paradise.

Look to your right from the Juice Cart and you can get a massage in the massage cart. 
THIS is the best 1/4 of a block on Alberta you ever did see.
Did you happen to notice all the succulents?
Oh you didn't?
They are everywhere...and I DID NOT PILFER ANY OF THEM.

With full bellies we ventured to the Portland International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park.
Holy Batman the parking there is like my college days of circling and circling and hunting people to their cars.  
We finally just drove up the hill and parked on the side of the road.
Walking down was easy...
Let's just say my family had to wait for me AGAIN while I trekked up the hill.
Slow and steady wins the race my friends.

Two of us loved the rose garden.
Two of us couldn't have cared less.
I'll let you figure that out through the inferencing of the following pictures.

I told the kids to pick their favorite rose to stand next to for a pic.
Macy searched and found the red ones.
Zach looked down to his right and left and squatted down and said he liked this one.
He couldn't give a rip about this rose garden.

I on the other hand had to take a picture of every lovely rose I was smitten over.
There were a lot.

Each year a Queen is chosen from a local high school. The Queen represents Portland and the Rose Festival for one year.

Here are my favorite two roses.
At some point I'd like to purchase them and put them in my own garden.

We finally found the boys parked in the shade in the amphitheater. 
This is TOTALLY up their alley of fun vacation things to do.
I'm so glad they put up with me, because this was one of my favorite stops.
This is the face I got when I told him we were leaving.
I didn't take a picture of the face I got when I told him we were just walking across the parking lot to the Portland Japanese Garden. 
Soooo..... let me pass this information along...

Dear Zachary's future wife...
Let me take a moment to relay this tidbit of info to you.
He's a good boy...will be a good man.
Food helps him cope when he's cranky, hot, done seeing flowers/plants/landscape.
He might need you to give him a pep talk, some hugs, reassurance that roses and
koi ponds won't take away his baseball plans.
He might just want you to sit with him for a while and have you look at him with the same enthusiasm that you just oogled the roses.
He's loving and thoughtful, and though momentarily you might see some hunger rage in him,
he will get over it, move on, and smile again.
I promise.  You've just got to love him through it...and when you need it...he's a good reciprocator.
Trust me, he's helped me through many of my mom-cranky-moments with the same kind of love.

See? His smile and enthusiasm is right back.
I even got some awesome hand holding along the trail with him.

....AND..... wait for it......
a picture of the two of us together.
We made it.

Zach found this along the walkway. He made me stop for a pic.
We were surprised by how many people walked right over it and didn't notice the "love" right in front of them.  Stepping all over it. Think on this for a bit.
Makes for a pretty good analogy, doesn't it?

We lunched at a Mexican food restaurant called Santa Fe Taqueria (no time for pics...too hungry) across the street from The Salt and Straw in the Nobb Hill Alphabet District of Portland.
I love this part of Portland as well. Awesome streets to walk on, fun shops...lots to see.
If you go to Portland, put this on your must do list.

Flavors from left to right, clockwise.
Ancient Heritage Fresh Cheese + Strawberries, Meyer Lemon Buttermilk with Blueberries, Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, Pear + Blue Cheese, Coara Coffee + Cocanu' Craque, Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Chocolate Gooey Brownie, and Birthday Cake + Blackberries.
Our favorites:
Steve: Coara Coffee + Cocanu' Craque
Macy: Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache
Zach: Chocolate Gooey Brownie
Me: Ugh...I have to pick just ONE?  Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons for sure, but Pear + Blue Cheese is a close second.

Blue Star Donuts was about a block away, and I couldn't leave without picking up a few for breakfast tomorrow.  Surprise you as it may, there wasn't enough room in our bellies for donuts. You're shocked. I can tell.

Before visiting my cousin and his family at their home near Portland, we had to go back to our hotel for mandatory naps. It tends to stay light much longer in Portland than our home in CA, so I was so deceived by the time each day!
We stayed at Bryce's until after 9pm and it was still light out!
He gave us a gorgeous tour of his home, plants,'s was super fun to be on his home turf.
Backyard berries.
Bryce's swarms.

We ate at our hotel that night for dinner called Bottle + Kitchen.
Expensive, and not very good.
Lesson learned.

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