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Oregon Road Trippin' Day 7

July 12, 2017

We left Portland early to try and beat some of the traffic headed to Multnomah Falls.
The kids enjoyed their last morning at StayPineapple, Hotel Rose.
I always laugh at how we wake up in the morning, and it's usually not the way we went to sleep.
I can't imagine why Steve and I don't always feel rested when we wake up.

We shared donuts from Blue Star Donuts. An olive oil orange and a creme brûlée.
We felt like the taste for Blue Star Donuts far exceeded the taste of the Voodoo Donuts, but they certainly weren't as "fun"...
We of course sipped some delicious lattes again from Barista.
I'm certain Steve was sad to leave Portland for the very reason that he was saying goodbye to Barista.

Goodbye Hotel Rose, you were comfy.

Our first stop outside of Portland was Bridal Veil Falls


You have probably noticed that I include way too many pictures in this blog. I could have easily taken more, and sadly...the pictures don't even come close to showing how gorgeous the space actually is.
I hope that as I look through our blog books when I'm older, I will be able to go back in my memory and remember how amazing the landscape looked.

Our next stop was Wahkeena Falls.  We didn't do the hike for this one because it was getting significantly busier with people and we felt like we might need to get to Multnomah Falls sooner than later. It was also nice because you can view the falls from a viewing area near the parking.

The roadways always seem a little magical to me in this area.  It's romantic and fresh and it makes me want to stand in the middle of the road and take really deep breaths.   Although, not right here, because even though I happened to catch this shot when cars weren't coming through, it was actually busy. I don't feel like getting hit by a car just because the road is pretty.

Finding parking at Multomah Falls is tricky.  If we had come much later I don't know if I would have opted to stay to see the falls.  Parking situations can be really stressful, and I hate those kinds of situations.  Lucky for me, Steve is always pretty cool as a cucumber and he just doesn't let that kind of stuff ruffle his feathers. I'm going to go ahead and add to my genius points collection that I stockpile in my brain for marrying that man.  I know I've given myself points before, but good decisions like that should be celebrated. 

I'm not sure if Zach is telling you to hang loose or call him....
at least he's not dabbing.

We decided to take the short walk up to the upper part of the bridge, but not to the top top of the falls. 

We continued our travels along the Columbia River Gorge and oohhed and ahhhhed at Mount Hood in the background. We stopped in Hood River for lunch and found a fun little bookstore called Artifacts.  The have a sign up asking you to not take pictures inside, and you know me...I'm a rule follower so I only took one at the door.  It was glorious in there, and they have some pretty funny gifts. You should take a gander at their website too. I think you might laugh a little.


If I had researched better, I would have planned for us to either stay here or spend more time here...please don't tell my boss that I didn't research well.  That is my job.  My actual job title at school is "Research Information Specialist"...I teach kids how to get answers to their questions.  I failed at the research for this next stop.  I call it, "lazy".  I call it, "looking for the cheapest price on Expedia for motels."  I also call it, "Joni can't be perfect alllll of the time. Sheesh."
But before we got to said, "FAIL"...we did have a fun little stop in Mosier for cherries.  I had wanted to eat at a place called The Thirsty Woman, but it was closed for major renovation/repairs.  Too bad. It looked like fun.

The cherries here in Mosier were a big win for our family.
My biggest regret is that we didn't participate in picking our own.
Just up the road is a you pick location, and I would have loaded up.
They were delicious.
If I recall, they were Rainer cherries and Lapin cherries. 

After our cherry stop, we continued on to our destination.
Oh geez.

We stayed at a Motel 6 here.
Just to clarify...we stayed at A LOT of Motel 6 on our travels through Oregon.
Lincoln City was by far the best.
Let's just say the location/staff/setup here in The Dalles in the exact opposite of Lincoln City.

Here's what The Dalles city website has posted on their main homepage as a news item.

It is the beginning of fire season. Property owners are responsible for keeping vegetation cut and cleared. 
Puncture vine is loving this warm weather. 
Puncture vine is a noxious weed listed under City Ordinance, Noxious Weeds  99-1234. Commonly known as Goatheads, this weed spreads incredibly fast and produces very sharp seeds.  When stepped on, they are painful to both animals and people.   They are sharp enough to puncture bicycle and wheel chair tires."
And there you have it.  I feel like that says enough right there.

Zach could have cared less what The Dalles looked like.  Our "resort" had a pool finally and that's all he wanted to do.

I on the other hand wanted to do laundry, so after his pool-escapades we went as a family to do laundry and eat pizza.
I'm so glad we all went together.
Here's what I learned:
- The Dalles is heavily populated with farm workers.
- The orchards have housing for them, but no laundry facilities.
- Today much have been laundry day.
- We were able to snag 3 washers right next to each other, but took some looks from the locals like we had broken some cardinal washing machine rule. 
- The washing machines here are much more expensive than the Motel 6 in Lincoln City.

While Steve stayed and watched our clothes, we went next door to get pizza. 
Since you aren't allowed to eat in the laundromat, I took the kids to the back parking lot where we had parked, pulled out our beach chairs that we never got to use at the beach, and made a pizza picnic.

Call me crazy, but this might not have been the best/safest location to play it cool with our picnic chairs.  I got an earful from Steve about it.  Some things ring high on my "self preservation" list...and sometimes I don't see the need for so much caution until the situation is over and I have perfect 20/20 hindsight.  I blame it on my many years of traveling with my parents for craft shows and hanging out in the parking lot with my brother at the Los Angeles Coliseum. We had no fear.  Nowadays....ehhhh... 

After lots of sorting and folding we made it back to our motel, rearranged our car, headed for sleep because I wanted to get up early and LEAVE.

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