Saturday, August 26, 2017

and then August was HERE.

August means school.
August in my brain pretty much eats, breathes, and is everything that is SCHOOL.
Even though we don't start on August the brain does and it went into overdrive to summer projects I was still hell bent on completing, school projects I had committed to helping, and lesson plans dying to be written.

At one of Steve's Costco trips, he found some totes for a great price.
He fit 10 of them in his car and I set off to reorganize the buckets I had JUST organized in the shed so they could all nestle the same. Nestling the same is big for those of us with "some" OCD tendencies.

Steve had to make ONE more trip to Costco so that the kid's memory boxes could also be in the same kind of boxes (see those unruly ones in the corner...they are being shunned)....

I repurposed the old ones at school and kept a few for house organization.
Man how this kind of stuff delights me.

The house projects had to take a back seat to school projects as we set out to "Eaglefy" our campus.  It's like beautify, but the Eagle way.
Even the kids got in on the helping.
The life of a teacher's kid.
So long summer vacation.

 We completed sports physicals with doctors who clearly are amazing simply because they root for the best team.

We visited Subway twice in the same week because grocery shopping wasn't on my August list, so it was forgotten, and my kids were oh so sad. NOT.
We also had to taste test the new Lay's flavors.

My dad made a pom-drop that left us giggly and relaxed.

I visited with my succulents each night...making sure my girls were all happy.

Steve and I put the final touches on the repainted playroom.
I'm really happy with it.
It looks so much cleaner, organized...and I even like spending time back there now.

We hired our friend Brennen to remove our almond tree.
I was so sad.
With the wet winter and big winds that came shortly thereafter, the soft ground began to uproot the almond tree and I feared it might land on my head when I went out to water.
He did such a wonderful job and we highly recommend him.
My request was that he didn't fall the tree on my lilac bush that my grandma had given me.
B worked his magic and preserved the rest of the landscape.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We got new school haircuts in the comfort of our own home.
It's awesome to have a neighbor who can save me a trip to town in my busy seasons of life.

While I went back to school full time before students returned, Zach set up shop for a few days at my parent's coffee shop to peddle his sno-cone creations.
He's quite the businessman!
 I firmly put my foot down after cleaning out yet another cabinet and told the kids we would NOT be visiting Target/Walmart/Office Depot/Freight Station for ANY new school supplies because of  exhibit A.

Exhibit A:
Amma right?

Instead, with the money I saved by not purchasing MORE pencils, scissors, and the like...I got to have a much needed date day with Hottie McHotpants to celebrate his upcoming birthday.
He picked Collect Coffee and a movie. 
We watched Dunkirk.
I must really love him because this is not a movie that I would willingly put on my must watch list.
No singing.
No mash-up singings.
No love story.
Not very many words.
Lots of guns.
Super loud noises.
Did I mention no singing?

I did get really acquainted with Steve's arm, and he may or may not have had some light bruising and laughter at my expense from the jolting and jumping during said loud noises.

We spent the remaining days of August enjoying home, air conditioning, and wine walks.

Suddenly it was real, let's get ready for school time, and we gathered to celebrate our district, our new school year, and the solar eclipse.
I get to work with cool people.

Just like that, we welcomed the 2017-2018 school year with a fourth grader and a seventh grader.
You might be doing a double take swearing that you thought Macy was going into 8th grade.
Here's the short version:
She skipped first grade: parent decision.
She's repeating seventh grade: Macy's decision.
She's wise beyond her years and more than ever, needed her voice heard and honored.
While academics don't seem to phase her stride, her realization that 16 was coming up fast and that she would be graduating at that time froze her steps.
She wants to slow down.
We listened.

Z man entering Miss Smith's beach inspired classroom.
I'll save allllll the puns.
All of them.
Mostly because Miss Smith is amazing and nothing about her classroom deserves a pun from me.
That's called self restraint people.

August equals school.
For many of you, December equals Christmas.
I guess it's kinda the same.
So, merry school year.
Let's open some presents.

Somebody's getting older, and someone else is not.

You do the math.

One person is aging rapidly.
The other isn't.
It's a common ailment.
We often refer to it in our home as denial.

Macy is now 12.

I've already heard it...."next year a teenager!...Oh!....How exciting!"
Shut up.
You aren't my friend anymore.


We made some last minute plans to head up to the lake and celebrate this kid who keeps aging against her mother's wishes.

It did happen to be a great day.
I'll give it that.


 The kids did a chip taste testing event with their eyes closed and had to guess what chip they were given.
It was a riot.

They swam, had a mud fight, and chugged water until they threw up.
I'm not even kidding.

We lunched at Vista Point and headed back down the mountain.

An hour later we headed right back up to celebrate on the boat with my side of the family.

 We wrapped up the evening back home trying to recreate a picture with Dad.
Lots of laughter ensued.

So twelve.
Big 'ole 1-2.
No big deal.
*cough cough*
Excuse me while I film a Kleenex commercial.